The Bachelorette: Hannah B - Week 9

Weekly disclaimer... I quit work in time to start the blog on time. I still had time after going over to the other house to water my plants. Then, I went and grabbed something to eat. Starting a few minutes late, I decided I could eat and blog at the same time. Then, I wasn't 15 minutes in and I heard back about my painting bid. I ended up stopping to finish dinner and head back over to the house for something and leave a note. I'm an hour behind. Story of my life.

Tonight is sure to be full of drama. It's hometown date week on The Bachelorette.

We're jumping right in today. Hannah is in Peter's hometown Westlake Village, California. 

When Hannah was playing Barbies as a little girl, Peter was her dream man. Her handsome pilot. He didn't necessarily catch her attention right away, but Peter snuck up on her.

His car is his baby. He wants to take her for a ride. She starts going through the console to snoop on him. She asks, "Why do you have a rubber in here?" She says it's only kissing and hand holding in the car. Yeah, right.

He takes her to the airport where they are going for a flight in his little plane. He flies her over the Bachelor mansion. Once they are back at the airport, they chat a little bit before heading over to his parents' house.

They arrive to meet Dad (Peter Sr.), Mom (Barbara) and little brother (Jack). Bro asks where they have been. Peter tries to start talking, but Hannah interrupts telling about something unrelated. She shares how at first he said he took a while to open up, but she wouldn't let him. They never did get back to where they had traveled because they head to the dinner table.

Dinner starts with a German blessing. Peter gets teary eyed talking about how much it means to be there. Jack gets a little more watching Peter. It's Jack that takes Hannah off first. He shares how Peter goes all in.

Mom talks to Peter, asking if Hannah is the one who makes his heart make weird noises. She makes the sounds which are odd. Peter knows how he feels about her, but isn't sure how she feels about him. He has not said, "I love you." He doesn't want to get hurt.

Mom gets emotional talking to Hannah, sharing that she knows Peter has fallen bad for her.

Sr. talks to Jr. Peter knew after his flight today that Hannah was his person. The fact that he is a hopeless romantic keeps coming up. Dad asks if he is prepared to not continue the journey, after all, there are three other men left. Now dad loses it, sobbing about only wanting the best for him.
They talk again, but he still doesn't spill his true feelings.

Next up is Tyler, in Jupiter, Florida. 

Tyler strikes me as always drunk. The way is talks has a slur to it.

They are going to explore the city by boat. That includes rubbing each other all over with sunscreen. She thinks he's hot and gets flustered talking about him. After touring around, they have to jump off in the water to cool off and make out. He shows her the house he grew up in.

Their pre-family conversation includes talking about his dad that has been really sick. He has a paralyzed vocal cord and his situation has been pretty serious. They dance at the outdoor bar. Hannah plays the air guitar with the band. She seems a little off.

There is A LOT of family there to meet Hannah. The story starts with the limo driving up. Hannah thought Tyler was a stud. With all the small town watching, Dad just hoped Tyler wasn't cut on the first night.

Dad and Tyler talk. Dad sees Tyler and thinks he may be in love.

Brother sees a change and Tyler and thinks maybe now he could see him getting engaged.

Mom and Tyler talk. She is excited to see their chemistry. Does he see himself proposing? Sometimes it scares him, but he thinks he could do it.

Hannah has Dad worried about Tyler. Dad didn't expect Tyler to be in love because he doesn't let anyone close to him. Hannah asks if he thinks Tyler could be serious at the end of this. Is he ready? Dad thinks he could be.

Tyler follows Hannah into the back seat of the car when she gets in to leave. It gets awkward right behind the driver.

I am not sure I am prepared for the crazy that is Luke's hometown of Gainesville, Georgia.

It must have been that he was the first to tell her that he was falling in love with her that drew her in. He is a jigsaw puzzle for her. She has the corners down, but the middle has her confused.

They head off to a restaurant where they are holding a Sunday school class. Luke gives his testimony. He says he was a respectful guy. He was always him. In high school, he started drinking. In college, he was chasing sex. Then, in the shower, he felt like God was telling him to let go of his sin and shift his focus. Luke feels God has drawn him to Hannah.

They break into small groups to talk. She goes around talking to them about Luke. They all think he's great and they close that time together with a group prayer with everyone putting hands on Luke and Hannah.

Dad, Mom, Brother, Sister-in-law (also named Hannah), his grandmother, his great grandmother and some others. They sit down to talk about it all started. Hannah shares about how Luke got into it with another guy. He shares how Luke got himself in trouble. Dad isn't sure how he would have gotten in that situation if he was being himself.

Dad and Luke talk. Luke says the past week and a half has been great. Their whole conversation is weird.

Hannah talks to the brother and sister-in-law. Sometimes Luke is great. Other times, he sees the same thing the guys saw. His family assures her that the bad things are not who Luke really is. His brother says that Luke is a humble guy.

I think Luke has his family fooled too.

Hannah says she couldn't let him go because she saw his heart. Luke's brother believes Luke is everything Hannah is looking for. Hannah asks Dad if he thinks Luke could be ready for engagement at the end. Dad seems to hem haw.

Mom asks Luke about some of the things Hannah said over dinner. Luke says it is because he was being cautious. Mom gives him a big hug when he says he loves Hannah.

Luke and Hannah chat on the front porch before she goes. He apologizes for the struggle they have had. He sees a future with her, without a doubt he can say he loves her.

In Hannah's interview, she says she is falling in love with him. For the life of me, I sitll cannot figure out why.

Last up is Jed's family in Knoxville, TN. 

He takes her to a music studio. They write a song together talking about all their moments together. He thinks Hannah is a natural at this after all, she's so good at everything. *insert me rolling my eyes*

Hannah tries to sing with him, but she needs to stop. It's bad because she can't sing. Because she can't remember the words. It gets awkward because they are carrying in front of the guys in the sound booth. Jed tells Hannah he loves her.

They head to Seiverville, his actual hometown. As someone posted on Twitter, he should have taken her to Dollywood. That would have been less painful than the singing.

There are lots of people there to meet Hannah, including the parents, a sister and grandparents. They start their story of time together in Boston and him making an over the head basket on the Celtics practice court while kissing.

There are two picnic tables full of people there to eat, but the two tables aren't right next together so it's kind of awkward.

As someone on Twitter said, Jed's dad kind of looks like a country version of Luke's Dad. Dad isn't so sure about all of this, even though Jed says that he's falling in love with Hannah. They talk about how Jed still wants to have his career in music and that Hannah is supportive. Chances are, he's just on the show to launch his career.

Jed's mom is less than impressed. Mom says that Jed is just one of the guys. She questions Hannah when she says she is falling in love with Jed. "Have you said that to all the guys?"

Jed has lived his life. Been in love. Been through a lot. Mom is kind of like whatever. She talks about his path being different because of how he pursues music. This kind of scares Hannah. She brings it up with Jed's sister. Sister doesn't think that Jed possibly falling in love with Hannah is a good thing.

Mom tells Jed it doesn't seem realistic to her. She's surprised Jed is falling in love with Hannah. Mom tells Jed that she told Hannah she didn't think Jed was ready for marriage.

The night did not go the way Hannah thought it would go. She didn't get the validation she needed. She now thinks that either their relationship or his music will suffer. She's confused now. Hannah leaves without really talking to Jed.

Everyone is gathered back at the mansion. The four men are lined up waiting for Hannah. 

Chris welcomes her home. He asks how the week has gone. Hannah says it is hard to compare apples to oranges to kiwi to cantaloupe. She's hoping when she sees the guys she will be able to make a decision.

She enters. Makes her speech about meeting their families and seeing what her future may look like.

Hannah picks up the first rose. Peter.

She picks up the second rose. After a moment's hesitation, Tyler.

Chris comes in to state the obvious. This is the final rose of the night. He turns around, as usual, and walks off. She picks up the rose. Fidgets with it. Tries to speak. cant. Walks out of the room with it.

Tyler and Peter whisper with Jed. Chris comes to check on Hannah. Hannah is picking off the petals of the rose.

Hannah says she has four great men. She just doesn't know who her future may be with because she hasn't had time to dive in.

The other men leave Luke alone until Hannah re-enters, without the rose she ripped apart. She still doesn't know what to do. Until now, she knew what decisions to make. She can't give out a final rose, but gives them each one. Chris brings out two roses. She wants to continue on with all of them.

Third rose goes to Luke. Fourth rose goes to Jed.

Jed feels like he didn't really get a rose because it felt like a toss up between him and a scumbag. jed is now unsure about all of this.

Cue previews for next week in Crete.