The Bachelorette: Hannah B - Week 10

As usual, I'm running late on getting started. I needed to run over to the new house to check out my selection of paint color (one of the bedrooms is finished now) and to water plants. I cut my quit time too close.

I'm so ready to be moved in (which will happen by the end of the week) and finish cleaning this one out. I have soooooooo much going on. I have to figure out when to work at some point this week in between everything else going on. However, it's all coming together.

On to the topic at hand, fantasy suite week on The Bachelorette and sending some people HOME.

This week, Hannah and her men are in Crete. She's a little too excited about fantasy suite week. She thinks she could see herself with any of the four men. She says it's been a long time since she's been physical with a man, but I'm going to call that a matter of exact definition --- both of what a long time and... She's gotten pretty hot and heavy if not all the way with some of these guys already. She claims the fantasy suites are not about sex, but connection without cameras. However, unless every last one of the preview teases for the entire season is wrong...

Of the four guys left, Peter had the slower start, but they have started to take off. He has his stuff together. 

Oh dear goodness, please stop singing about the fantasy suites. It's scary.

The date with Peter is out on the water in a sailboat where they do their best Titanic "I'm the king of the world" bit. On deck, their makeout session with his hands all up and over her butt is interrupted by the deck hands raising sail. Let's just say I don't need to see all that.

After cleaning up and changing, they meet up again. They talk about his family last week and how invested his family is now. You think he is going to spit out his "I love you," but he changes the subject to flying with her. You think he's going to do it again, then he changes direction again. Finally, he says, "This reminds me of how falling in love with you I am."

Peter reminds me so much of a cross between Ben Higgins and Colton Underwood appearance wise. I may be crazy.

She hands him the fantasy suite card. Their suite is in a windmill. Peter thinks Crete is known for windmills. I thought that was Holland, but I could be wrong.

The cameras could not leave soon enough.

If Peter were the Greek god, Zeus, she would be Aphrodite, the goddess of love. She does some weird hand dance I wish I never saw. At least she didn't sing.
The morning after, Peter claims last night was the best night of his life. He's giddy in love.

It's on to the next city and next date. A day with Tyler. 

After hometowns, he has no doubts. He's ready to get down on one knee.

Their date relaxing at a spa. She's walking around in crazy high shoes with Daisy Dukes. It is a challenge going up the spiral staircase. Clonk, clonk, clonk.

As they get ready for their massage, they talk about Jupiter last week, his family, his brothers being her kind of people. after the massage therapists start, while she's not looking he gets up, the masseuses leave and he takes over. He just wanted to rub on her. Again, the cameras need to leave a little to the imagination.

Hannah has no doubt the physical is there, but needs the emotional to catch up.

At dinner, Tyler talks about all of their dates being easy. Hannah agrees on the fun and easy part. She explains how she wants it to be more than physical between them. She tells him she doesn't want to go all the way in the fantasy suite. They have to talk if they go to the fantasy suite.

Tyler thinks he has grown as a man in 9 weeks. He can respect her boundaries.

Their suite is on a boat.

The next morning, they agree that they had a great night talking and making out, but stopping.

Next up is Jed. Jed has a chip on his shoulder after the rose ceremony last week. 

How long until he brings up his nemesis? He was talking pre-date about Luke. Maybe he can wait a while.

They join a Greek family gathering, dance with them, eat with them, etc. The patriarch of the family says they look fully in love. The more they are questioned, the more uncomfortable Jed gets as Hannah talks about how she isn't sure yet.

Jed asks Hannah to go talk. He needs clarity on Luke. Jed has seen Luke lie, be deceptive and so on. He wants to know how she can still be in to that. She doesn't want to hurt Jed, so asks how honest he wants her to be.
From the get go there was a connection she cannot explain. She knows Luke is there for her and believes he is a good girl. Jed wants to know why she is holding on to something so uncertain. Hannah knows she has seen sides the men have not seen. She kisses Jed to reassure him. As they walk back to the party, Hannah says Jed has to let her figure it out.

Hannah knows Jed had good intentions with his questions. However, the dinner portion starts awkward. She thanks him for the conversation from earlier in the day. Their conversation goes back to Luke, and Jed calls him toxic. Jed is concerned that Hannah has a hard time letting go of things that aren't good for her in her life. It makes him feel uncertain. Now Hannah is really uncomfortable. A little TMI for her. Hannah trusts Jed, but she wants Jed to trust her. After sharing that he doesn't see how she can like him if she likes Luke, she gets up to get some air and space. However, he follows her out, defeating the purpose. He's afraid to give her space.

They come back to the table, and again, Hannah says Jed has to trust her to figure it out. The relationship she has with Lucas has nothing to do with her feelings for him.

All of a sudden, like BOOM, they are back on a good page once they get back to the table. She kisses Jed and gives him a fantasy date card.

The next morning, Jed describes their night as the best slumber party ever where they never slept.

Last up is Luke. Fireworks and ugly snotty tears are sure to come. 

Luke is too confident for his own good in all his talk pre-date.

They are headed to Santorini via helicopter. They land and take in the views. Hannah reveals that Luke is the best kisser. As they dance, she decides her eyes look deep into her soul.

Hannah appreciated hearing his family describe who they know Luke to be. Luke sees Hannah as his future life. He doesn't take marriage and the L-word lightly.

So far, so good, but we haven't gotten to dinner yet.

Hannah has on the biggest earrings ever. It is distracting me. She's smiling away. Then, Luke starts talking about what he wants and wanting it the way he wants it. They talk about each being spiritual leaders in their families. He moves into talking about sex. Her look is more solemn. He is talking about abstaining for a few years now. He wants to hear her say she has the same morals. He talks about fantasy suites. He wants to make sure she isn't going to be intimate with the other men here. He says if he found out she had slept with one of the other guys, he would send himself home. (He doesn't know he is the last guy, evidently.)

The way he said what he did made her mad. She feels that he is judging her when he doesn't have the right. She says sin outside of marriage may be a sin (IT IS!), but so is pride. She thinks this is a pride thing for him. He tries to back track what he said, saying he is willing to try to move past this if she did something with all three guys if he is the last date. He can understand a slip up, but "ALL OF THEM?"

I don't disagree with what Luke is saying, but he has unrealistic expectations for what this show is. He also doesn't express his words well.

Hannah goes off saying that he raised all these red flags and throws out all these things that could have gotten him kicked so far. She is very angry now. No one owns Hannah.

He keeps calling her choices "slip-ups." She turns it on him by bring up the story of the adulterous woman from the Bible.

Hannah points out how he has not respected the guys there or her. It's obvious to her now. There have been so many emotional moments for her. She prayed for clarity and feels like she got it. Hannah does not want Luke to be her husband. Luke asks for a chance to speak. He is denied. She asks if she can walk him out. He still wants to share some words, clarity or not.

It is pouring down rain now. It is windy the weather is getting bad. She says it is over and that he needs to come on and leave. He feels Hannah owes her a moment to share. Hannah says she has given him many chances and that she owes him nothing right now. She gets madder and madder.

Luke says he wasn't condemning her, he was trying to tell her the ideal. He still sees a future with her. He refuses to get in the limo. As if he didn't get it before, she spells out that she has been with someone there. She opens the car door and asks what he's waiting for. He wants to pray over her before he leaves. Denied.

She finally feels the weight lifted off of her shoulders. She doesn't have to deal with him again.

The previews for next week reveal the guys when they realize Luke is gone as they gather for the rose ceremony. However, Luke does show back up, and she yells at him to leave.