The Bachelorette: Hannah B. - Week 8

Ok, so this week, I'm starting late again. I was trying to finish off a few things for work that I needed to have done last week, but there was that whole, close on buying a house thing going on at the end of last week.

Today, my work got interrupted by trying to get a start on getting utilities in my name for the new house and a final meter read date for this house. Let's not talk about paying electricity for two houses for the month of July. In Texas.

Moving on.

The day also involved going down to the city and having to talk with the City Manager because the water department would not let me have two water bills lap more than two weeks unless I owned both properties. I want to pay them for two bills, but they didn't want to let me. The City Manager thought it was odd too. They are going to let me do it, but I didn't have my copies of the closing papers to be able to finish that task. So, I'll have to go back and finish that off. Hoping that goes smoothly next time.

So, now, at 8:00, I get to start blogging an hour late. At least I casually hinted with Dad that I really wanted to have my TV night tonight, so we aren't moving the rest of my plants over to the new house. Those cattle syrup buckets turned planters are HEAVY. That's going to be a lot of work. At least it isn't 100 degrees yet.

All I have to say is that Luke really ought to go home tonight. I may have to count the number of times someone says, "Stay in your lane."

This week, they are in the beautiful Netherlands. I love all the tulips. I want to go there. I don't care if Amsterdam is a great place to fall in love or not. I just want to see the tulips.

This week, for Hannah, is the week that she needs to be opening up to the guys. Hannah arrives to meet the remaining seven men. This week she determines which men get hometown dates. She says a date starts now. No date card needed, she invites Jed along.

I find Hannah's voice annoying anyway, but she's hoarse, so it's bad.

When Jed and Hannah leave, the men send some barbs Luke's way about wasting time this week.

First stop is a chocolate store. Then, Jed gives her a pansy. It's a lame moment. Hannah drives a boat along the canals. They dance to a wind up organ cart. They sit down at a street cafe and the locals can tell Hannah and Jed are not. The woman says, "You're not a Netherlander." Jed says they are English. Hannah corrects him, that they are Americans. The old couple has been married 54 years after only knowing each other 10 days.

Jed is stupid.

Moving on. Hannah tells him she is slow to open up, but she is trying to protect her heart. She finds it hard to articulate her feelings. Maybe it's just me, but the poor girl has a hard time articulating period.

Maybe she is getting hoarse because her mono is flaring up again.

Back at the hotel the date card arrives. Connor, who sounds like his sinuses are stopped up, had the first one-on-one of those there and it didn't go as planned because of Hannah's mono unnamed illness.

"Tyler - Will you ride into the sunset with me? - Hannah"

Connor sulks. 

On to the evening portion of Jed's date. He brings her tulips.

Last week, Jed told Hannah that he loved her, but she's been tight lipped about her feelings. She's going to try to be as open as she can. She has feelings for multiple people, so she doesn't know what to do. She doesn't want to hurt anyone.

Jed says he sees the drama of the other relationships. That was an attempt to be smooth. But it was too obvious to me.

Hannah recaps their magical moments of the day, then tells Jed that she is falling in love with him. However, she doesn't know how this is going to end. He need not get his hopes up too soon.

Jed gets his date rose. She can see a future with him. Then she mumbles on in her producer interview about stars. She does hand gestures weirder than the ones my kids and I make up in Bible class, but for that reference, you have to be there.

Onto Tyler's date in The Hague. 

Blah, blah, blah, time for me to open up. Tyler arrives to explore the city. 

Tyler is ready for Hannah to meet Nana and Momma. Until then, he has to knock off his nervous energy and ride the horse he is scared of. Yet, he'll do anything for love. They have no idea what they are doing. They can't get their horses to walk at first. Hannah wants waffle, but the horse won't go that direction. They try to get ice cream from a vendor, but they have a hard time coordinating that too.

The horses stop at the pickled herring cart. This is one of Tyler's greatest fears. She gets her bite down. He does not. He gags.

Their boring blah, blah, blah chat includes a discussion of how Tyler thinks she needs the cocktail parties, but they get ruined for her. She wants to know more about how he sometimes gets in his own head.

That night, she wants to know the dirrrtty and the raaaawww. The conversation starts with his nervousness with the horse. They move on to talk about his parents' divorce. His biggest fear is a feared marriage. Her parents are still married, but she doesn't want their communication style in her marriage. That's why she is digging for info. He ultimately gets the date rose. She wants to meet his family. At this revelation, he says Tyler says he is falling in love with her and can see himself proposing.

At the hotel, the next date card arrives. "Mike - I'm drawn to you. - Hannah" 

Connor leaves the room, pouting that he doesn't feel confident since he's on this group date. It's been too long since they had their last one-on-one. Peter checks on him and has to subject himself to this. My bet is Connor goes home this week. 

Side note: A jump from seven down to four in one week seems huge. I don't think the cut is usually that large. 

Connor goes to whine to Hannah about not being on the date card. He says he was upset when his name wasn't on his date card. Hannah points out he has faded in the group dates. Does he feel that? He's been holding on to the one-on-one. He knew he was feeling those feelings of falling in love then, even though it was cut short.

The men chat around the room. Luke doesn't see a future for any of the other guys. He sure knows how to make friends and influence people.

Hannah tells Connor he should have been stepping up in group dates. They have had some good moments, but Hannah tells him that there are other relationships that she feels further along with. She doesn't know if she can see it with him. He didn't want this to be goodbye, but it sucks that it is.

Oh my goodness, hand the man some cheese to go with that whine.

And then there were six. 

The next day, Hannah is a little wobbly on her bicycle as she rides to meet Mike. He's a better rider than she is. They stop at a gallery and view the paintings. The artist joins them. Their date will involve painting each other. After some bad drawings of one another, the artist then draws the two of them.

Mike is open with his feelings. Mike always does that and it's what Hannah wants from everyone. However, she doesn't know how she feels about him. Right now, she doesn't know.

That night, the date continues at an art museum. Hannah looks so seriously at the Vermeer. She starts ugly, snotty crying looking at the painting of a woman with a sword in one hand and a Bible in the other.

When Mike arrives, she just wants to sit down and talk. She's been there for a little while and got to look at all the art and was overwhelmed by the beauty. She starts talking about the painting and the men fighting in the background behind the woman. Hannah thinks it encompasses what she's going through right now. Mike just wants to give her a hug. She is not ok. He's been a rock through this whole thing for her. He starts to see where this is going. She talks about how he has talked about the three ladies in his life (mom, sister and grandmother) looking for his fourth. Hannah just doesn't see herself as the fourth. He thanks her for being honest.

And then there were five. 

Hannah says that was the hardest goodbye so far because Mike was such a good guy.

I think she just wiped her snotty nose on her sleeve like a four year old boy.

At the hotel, Luke talks about how all the guys are in his way and how it would make his day for someone to come get Mike's suitcase. 

Tyler calls Luke a villain. Luke says he gets along with everyone except him, even Garrett. Garrett is like, I don't think so. Someone comes to get the suitcase. 

Two of three on the group date will get a rose. Who will be the odd man out?

The next day, the date is on. 

The men meet Hannah. She knows it's going to be hard, but wants them to try to have fun. Hannah hopes her head can be comfortable with what her heart wants. Luke takes Hannah off first, before they really even do anything.

Luke starts trash talking without naming names, until he does. He says he isn't going to name names, but then he does. First he names Jed as trash talking him. Then, he moves onto talking about Garrett. Hannah wants to know why everyone picks on him if Luke has no part in it. Luke thinks they have something special because they have had to deal with all this crap. Hannah is trying to figure out what she thinks is true.

Garrett tells Hannah he hasn't been sleeping well since ho great their last date was. Hannah brings up Luke and what he shared about the night before. Garrett says it isn't fair for anyone for it to be the Luke Show and they are all frustrated with it.

Garrett is mad. He's going to play passive aggressive to an extent. Garrett says, "Didn't you tell me last night you were going to stay in your own lane? I wasn't going to bring you up, but Hannah brought you up." Trash talk follows. Garrett accuses Luke of being the fakest person he knows. Garrett is so immature. Luke gets aggressive again. Garrett calls Luke a weasel or snake. Luke yells at him and throws a pile of bologna in Garrett's lap. Then Garrett calls Luke bologna.

Luke finds Peter who is minding his own business outside. Luke says he had no intentions of saying anything about anyone, however, Hannah asked. Peter throws out a "stay in your lane." Peter gets mad that Luke has stirred up Hannah and he (Peter) hasn't even had a chance to talk to her yet.

Peter talks about the clarity he had after their date. He is filled with happiness thinking about taking her home to meet his family. He asks how she feels. She's excited. Peter wisely keeps the other guys out of it and focuses on her.

When it comes time for the rose, Peter gets it. They leave the room again, leaving Dumb and Dumber alone together. Luke gives Garrett an intense stare. Garrett winks at him and tries to play mind games.

After Peter gets the rose, he heads back to the safety of the hotel. The last rose will go to whoever survives dinner with Hannah. She doesn't want drama that night. That's not wanting a lot.

Luke takes Hannah off first again. Luke talks about his stupid youth. He chased drinking and sex. He was unfulfilled and had a come to Jesus moment in the shower. Since then, he has been on fire to become what his future wife is looking for.

They have a sharing of faith moment followed by a makeout moment. *insert eye roll*
Jed and Tyler welcome Peter back at the hotel. Peter thinks Garrett will be back. 

Garrett gets his time. He's excited for her to meet his family. He feels like he has grown with her. Kissy kissy. He says, "I love you." She kisses him again.

She's going to send home one of the guys she is making out with.

Garrett is the first person to actually say, "I love you," instead of falling, etc.

However, she had a faith bonding moment with Luke.

Given how people have started messaging me with angst, I know she's going to keep Luke. That's what her cut and heart is telling her.

Hannah walks Garrett out as Luke laughs to himself.

Garrett is shocked as he rides away. He knows Luke is going to talk his way into Hannah's graces for the rest of his life. He is legit concerned.

The men at the hotel watch in anguish as someone comes to get Garrett's suitcase.

And the whole of Bachelor Nation groans in anguish thinking, surely next week will be the week.


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