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Are You Living Out Your Mission?

The Mission-Centered Life explores how God’s grace
empowers his people to serve in places of need, NC – God calls us to live missionally, but what exactly does that look like? Do we have to sell everything and head to a foreign country? For Christians who long to serve God in broken places but aren’t sure where to start, The Mission-Centered Life: Following Jesus into the Broken Places (New Growth Press/July 22, 2019), speaks to the “whys” and “hows” of missional living. In this new ten-week group resource, author Bethany Ferguson draws on her fifteen years of missionary experience to examine the reasons believers should pursue lives of service and evangelism.
The Mission-Centered Life is organized into ten lessons designed for readers who want to explore their role in building the kingdom of Christ. Readers will consider how the gospel propels them to go out and love their neighbors, including people who might be far away or very different from those they usually encounter in everyday life. This in-depth study explores why holistic missions is needed, how God’s grace empowers us to serve in places of need, what to do when we fail as missionaries, and how to cultivate hope in the midst of a broken world.

The Mission-Centered Life emphasizes acknowledging your own weakness, brokenness, and need as a vital component of serving a broken and needy world. Many books emphasize the importance of living sacrificially or adventurously (both of which can be important), but my book focuses in on repentance and humility in missional living,” Ferguson shares. “When you encounter the grace and love of Jesus for you, you then want for others to also experience the powerful love of Jesus. When you see how Jesus meets you in your brokenness, you are then able to care for the needs of the world.”

Designed for personal reflection and small group discussion, Ferguson provides Scripture study, profound application, and questions, as well as essays and personal stories to illustrate the importance of missions—both for the missionary and the community being served by the missionary. Studying the book as a group allows participants to benefit from what God is teaching the others in the group and provides encouragement to apply what is learned. Ferguson hopes the group setting will be a safe place to share not only successes but also worries and weaknesses.

This study will help readers find confidence in God’s missional purposes in the world and a deeper understanding of life with Jesus, who pursued the marginalized as shown throughout the New Testament. Anchor your hope to Christ, who moves us out of our comfort zones to care for the needs of the world.

“Mission begins when we encounter a God who rescues us from our own brokenness and invites us to be instruments of healing in a broken world,” Ferguson writes.

Of The Mission-Centered Life, Philip G. Monroe, Director of Training and Materials, Mission Trauma Healing at the American Bible Society wrote, “You’ve heard it said, ‘Find out what God is doing in the world and join his mission.’ But if, like me, you are asking how to do this, I recommend The Mission-Centered Life. Best of all, this is a group study. Read, discuss, meditate, pray, and reflect together as God shows you his heart for the world and your part in his mission.”
The Mission-Centered Life: Following Jesus into the Broken Places, Study Guide
by Bethany Ferguson
July 22, 2019 / Retail Price: $15.99
Print ISBN 978-1-948130-67-7
Religion / Christian Living / Spiritual Growth

About the Author
Bethany Ferguson, MA, has spent most of the last fifteen years serving with Serge in Uganda, South Sudan, and Kenya. Originally from South Carolina, Bethany studied elementary education at the College of Charleston and went on to receive a master’s degree in counseling from Westminster Seminary. After completing her master’s, she has continued her professional training through Biblical Seminary’s professional counseling program.

Her cross-cultural work focuses on promoting education and mental health care for children and adolescents in under-resourced areas. Ferguson is passionate about supporting churches and schools. She has led discipleship groups at Christ School in Bundibugyo, taught HIV/Aids prevention at Bundimulinga primary school, trained primary school teachers in South Sudan, and equipped lay counselors in the Sudanese church. She has also taught missionary kids in Uganda and counseled “third-culture kids” and their families in Kenya.

All of these experiences have deepened Ferguson’s confidence in God’s redemptive work in the world, while also increasing her desire to see the light of Jesus bring hope and healing into places of brokenness. She is currently pursuing a PhD in clinical psychology from Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, California.

Serge is an international missions organization that sees God weaving together the frayed edges of our tattered world with his goodness, creating something beautiful. Learn more at