First pics of the house (part 2)

Back to the really fast, really blurry pictures of the house. I took these in a hurry because I keep forgetting to get some to post.

This room is green now, but I'm going to try to get the bedrooms painted before I move in. It's not my favorite shade of green. This will be the office. 

The bathroom across the hall from the office that is actually fewer steps from where my desk will be than the one was across the room upstairs in the house I'm moving out of. Did you follow that really long sentence?

Both spare rooms have built-in desks.

The blurry closet/window shot. I really don't know why I took such awful pictures.

The master bedroom is huge. I want this room to be a different color. I'll do all the bedrooms and halls one color, but it will be a little lighter tan than this one that just needs freshening up.

I'm so glad to have a master bathroom again. I had one in my duplex six years ago, but not where I currently live.

I am so very glad this shower is not pink. I'm over the pink tub.

I'll be sharing pictures of finished rooms soon! I won't be moving for a few weeks. We're going to move some things slowly over, and I'm going to have some painting done first. I didn't know my closing date soon enough to give notice sooner, and I couldn't have been out in two days anyway. So, I can take up to the whole month of July to move.