The Bachelorette: Hannah B. - Week 12 (The Finale Part 2)

Here we go with the finale finale of Hannah's season. My eye twitch is back, and I am thinking of tall the things I really need to be doing other than blogging about this.

Anyway, Hannah says you have to show all your good and bad layers during this, and she has done it all. She's fallen in love with both.

Both men meet with Neil Lane. The overfed scripting has them each talking about how the ring is like their relationship with Hannah. For example, Tyler looks for loud and proud while Jed goes for a round diamond because the shape is more constant.

On the car ride from the hotel to wherever they are doing the ceremony, Hannah freaks out and asks the driver to stop the car. She climbs out, starts walking across the street in heels and trips out in middle of an intersection. She's sitting out in the road in a white dress. She scraped her elbow on the way down. A producer offers to help her up, but she declines his help. Hannah says she can't do this.
After a few minutes, Hannah decides she's ready to proceed. Both men have a part of her heart, and she claims there is no good way to tell someone they are not enough.

Tyler arrives. He's afraid of losing his words and getting cheezy. When he gets up to the stage (because that's what it is), he beings a well-rehearsed speech. She finally cuts him off. The look on his face when he realizes "This isn't it" is quite painful. There's no more looking her in the eye after that. She loves someone else.
Tyler says he's still going to be her biggest fan and wishes her and Jed much success. She gives him a hug he would like to escape. He says she and Jed will be great. He lets her walk him out.

That's got to be embarrassing for a guy. They should make every woman (or man at this point), go to the guy and tell them before they start their big speech. It's cruel and unusual punishment.

And then there was one...

Today she has clarity, and she has prayed for peace. She's waited her whole life for a happy ending. She's what, 25? (This reminds me of debating my age with my boss today.)

Oh snap, back on topic. Jed brought is guitar. I'm going to gag, not just because I'm coughing again (yes, I'm sick again).

If I was ever a Jed fan 12 weeks ago, I'm far from it now. Everything about him annoys me. However, he's what Hannah's looking for. She and I are far from alike though.

Oh my, I woudn't know pitch if it slapped me, but he sounds uber pitchy to me. It's painful.

Hannah doesn't have a song, but wants to say some stuff. As a little girl, she always prayed for her future husband. She didn't know who she was praying for. She's not always understand her heartbreak and why she's been through what she's been through. (I wish I could type her accent.)

Cue knee, ring, rose.

We're 35 minutes in. What are we going to do for the next hour and a half? I hope she doesn't sing and dance.

Chris Harrison tells us it's not been happily ever after and that Jed has to face the music. See what he did there?

Their home videos are annoying. After some happy times the first couple of days, Jed tells Hannah he was hanging with a girl a week before he came on the show. He told her it was over. People magazine articles talking with the girlfriend said otherwise.

At some point along the way, Hannah and Jed sat down in front of the cameras for a conversation.

Jed comes in, sits down, says he misses her, then silence. Hannah asks why he waited to tell her all this.

Jed says there's a different story she hasn't heard. Back in October, he dated her, but he was dating around. He didn't think it was exclusive or anything. He'd slept with her a couple of times, then went to Gatlinburg on a trip with her. "There wasn't a label on it." "Were you still hanging out with other chicks?" "Yeah."

The girl did meet his parents, threw him a surprise party in January, and her parents bought a vacation to the Bahamas for his birthday. They went over her birthday. He joined the show to get some attention for the music thing. He highly doubted he'd actually like anyone on the show.

They were on this Bahamas trip when he found out he was going to be on the show. He was drinking and told the other girl he loved her. It wasn't a proper goodbye, but once he got to LA it was goodbye in his heart. It wasn't verbal. He never told this girl that he was with the night before he left anything.

Hannah has seen texts from the girlfriend and from other girls that were at his apartment the night after she was in Nashville.

She was in it for love. He was in it to get famous. Jed wants to know what he needs to do to demonstrate he's for real. She walks out.

When she comes back in, followed by cameras, Jed tries to smooth stuff over by saying Hannah is what he has wanted. "Where do you want me to grow?" It seems an odd question.
Hannah asks if it ever crossed his mind back at the mansion when Scott was sent home on night one that he was guilty too. In Jed's mind, he didn't have a girlfriend. He didn't tell her in the fantasy suite because he was scared Hannah would walk away and leave him.

Hannah accuses him of going back to his old life when he got home. He told his friends that he "won." All of a sudden, what his family told her makes a lot of sense.

Jed says he never met someone who made him want to be a better person. He asks her for grace.

She takes off the ring.

Jed said in the two months of the show he became the person she wanted. I'm thinking not so much.

So, enough of that and back to the studio with Chris Harrison. He brings Hannah out to talk about what we just watched. What is she feeling? She still can't believe this is the way the conversation is going after this experience. 

The first she heard of anything was the day after they were first engaged. He warned there was a girl he was hanging out with. She questioned him, but he LIED.

When the People article came out, she quizzed him again. Again he LIED.

Chris asks where there relationship is. Hannah is not with Jed anymore.

They haven't seen each other since the day she gave the ring back, but they evidently did talk on the phone. Chris gives him the first chance to speak when he comes out. He apologies to her. Now that he has had a chance to review his behavior, he wasn't the best that he could be. This guy is weird. What he says is weird.

Jed knows he has hurt everyone involved. He just never would have fathomed that he would fall in love with someone on a reality TV show. He should have known more about it.

When asked what is going through her mind, Hannah has to take along pause before answering. What he didn't wasn't right. She did fall in love with him, and she knows that person is in there somewhere. She hopes he learns to be honest and grow from this for whoever in her future.

Jed is lame. He never pictured being with someone forever. He does still love her though.

Hannah isn't trying to punish him, but his feelings have changed. When the trust was broken, her feelings were gone. She doesn't love him like that anymore.

After sending Jed on his merry way, Hannah says she realizes though she WANTS a husband, she doesn't NEED one. With that, Chris Harrison reminds her she hasn't talked to Tyler yet.

Hannah's feelings for Tyler didn't just go away. Will Tyler want to play second fiddle? If I were Tyler, I wouldn't give anyone a second chance.

Hannah is giddy uncomfortable sitting there. Tyler has been looking forward to this moment.

The conversation is kind of boring me. Hannah asks him out for drinks. He accepts. Hannah wants them to be normal people and just go out.

That's it.

The end.

In other news, I will not be blogging about Bachelor in Paradise, but I'll watch. You can message me questions or hit me up on Facebook to talk about it. I just find Paradise too hard to keep up with for blogging. Plus, I can straighten my house or something while it's on. I'm ready to be able to park my car in the garage, and that means I have to finish unpacking.