My first new home project

I never know how Dad is going to react when I say, "I have this idea."

Thankfully, he went along with my latest, just saying, "That's going to get expensive."

Dad and I have gone on a couple of excursions to Home Depot buying some things we need for repairs, then to buy pipe for my hanging basket racks that now hang on my shed out back. 

I've had some hanging on clothes line poles, but I needed more rack room, and well, this backyard doesn't have clothes line poles!

The first thing moved over to the new house is all my plants. I have huge cattle syrup buckets full of plants. I helped Dad load up most of them into the trailer, but then I had to get to work. Poor Mom had to help Dad unload them at the house. I moved the hanging baskets over in my car.

I'm really happy with how this turned out, and it will only look better as the plants grow. 

Then, strangely after getting the plants moved over, the next thing has been the contents of my craft room. I guess because it's the room that has stuff I'm not using at the moment and it's closest to the door to move out? 

Dad got this whim to move the island my granddaddy made for mom 35+ years ago that's been in my craft room. The single piece of furniture I dreaded moving the most. It has a really heavy tile top that has to be taken off and moved separately. Then the bottom is heavy and awkward. 

He keeps talking about how we are going to have to get movers, get movers, get movers. Why won't he let the movers get this?

I sent Dad to his house for a furniture dolly. Originally, we had to move it in through the back door. We didn't want to take it through the yard around the house this time, but because of the size of the door openings and turns, it couldn't go out the garage. Dad wanted to take it out the front door. While he was gone I realized it had many sliders on the bottom. I got the idea to dig up some furniture sliders I had in a box in the laundry room. I had that island slid all the way to the front door by the time he got back. 

So, between getting the island and the smaller desks and tables out of the craft room, that room is moved. We boxed up the other stuff in there first and moved it over last weekend.

Progress, right?