Breakthrough by Tom Doyle

Can Anything Good Come Out of the Middle East?
How God’s love is combating terrorism and militant Islam

Every night on the evening news, we see images from the Middle East of war, terrorism, bold threats, and a hatred that has been smoldering for centuries. The lead news story of the day often emanates from this volatile region—and rightfully so, because of its instability. The Middle East is the place where history, religion, and politics collide head-on. The future of the region appears hopeless…until you discover that there is more to the story.

“Jesus is reaching out to the people of the Middle East in a powerful way, and the people are responding in record numbers. Millions have given their lives to Jesus Christ in the last ten years. That’s right—millions!” author and Middle East expert Tom Doyle points out. “This story is more important than the latest suicide bombing or the latest threat of war. And Christians need to hear it.”

In his new book, Breakthrough, author Tom Doyle gives Christians a glimpse of what is really going on in the Middle East—and this is an angle that you won’t get from the mainstream media. For the last seven years, Doyle has served as the Middle East director for e3 Partners, a dynamic global church planting ministry. Breakthrough tells the stories of vibrant churches who are growing—even thriving—in the midst of constant danger and unimaginable persecution.

Breakthrough includes the testimonies of both Jews and Muslims who have come to faith in Christ, people who are constantly watched and often persecuted, who understand that this day might be their last. Yet they often state, “We pray for believers in the West every day.” Among the many testimonies featured in the book are the conversion stories of former terrorists, Muslim missionaries to America, a Palestinian guard led to Christ by an Israeli believer, and even a Muslim Imam, all of whom have become committed Christian leaders.

With media attention increasingly focused on the global threat of militant Islam, it’s easy to assume that the majority of the Muslim world supports jihad. Not so, says Doyle. “In extensive interviews throughout the Middle East, we continually hear that over half of Muslims worldwide are not practicing their faith whatsoever. I have learned that even the vast majority of practicing Muslims are peaceful and not into jihad,” he says. “From Egypt to Iran, the Muslims we talk to are sick of the Islamic fundamentalism that isolates them from the world and makes them all out to be bloodthirsty killers. We must reach out and love these people with the love of Jesus.”

Breakthrough takes readers to the streets of Gaza, a secret pre-dawn gathering of believers in Iran, and an underground Bible college for former Muslims offering a course entitled “What to Do When You Are Arrested for Your Faith.” The book includes a brief history of Islam and the resurgence of fundamental Islam and helpful strategies for Christians who want to reach out to the Muslims in their lives. An entire chapter is devoted to the specific prayer needs of the Middle East.

“The most dangerous places to serve Christ are usually the places where he is moving the most,” Doyle states. “There is a new day in the Middle East. Muslims are coming to Jesus, and the church is blessed to have them.”

Breakthrough by Tom Doyle
Authentic – February 2009
ISBN 978-1-934068-63-2/207 pages/softcover/$17.99