Just call me Toula

It's Super Bowl Sunday and no network puts up new shows against the Super Bowl. They really ought to because I think people would watch the alternative, but that's just my opinion.

For the 5792nd time, I'm watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding. MBFGW is one of very few movies I ever saw more than once in theaters, own on DVD and watch every time it comes on TBS. I can probably quote half of the movie, starting with the first line. "You need to get married soon. You're starting to look old." "My dad's been telling me that since I was 15..."

As the movie started this time around, I realized this time, more than ever that I really identify with Toula. Especially when she was "frump girl" before her makeover. I see myself in all of Toula's awkwardness and uncertainty, and in many ways how she relates to her father. Like when she says she wants to go back to school and her dad says in his whining voice, "why you want to leave me?"

Uh, she still lives at home with you and she's just going to the college around the block. Get a grip. Yeah, I've had moments like that. I thank my lucky stars I live on my own and don't feel the pressure to get married from my parents. I'm pretty sure my parents have absolutely no expectations of that ever happening. My dad says things like, "as long as we can all fit around the bigger table now because we won't be adding people, the girls and Layton will just be growing."

Even if I did find an Ian, regardless of what he was like, I figure Dad to react just like Gus. I'd be like Toula just wanting to go off and elope. And, I know from previous experiences with my family, that everyone else would make the decisions about my wedding, just like the invitations and bridesmaid dresses in the movie. (Be glad I wasn't blogging around my birthday, or you would have gotten the entry about why my birthday is never about me.)

And Mom can kind of be like Gus too. "Don't you want to go to Wal-Mart with me?" "No, Mom, I think I'll pass." (That's a whole other blog entry.)

This is where this entry is going to move from the funny to the reflective. I admit that with each passing day, I grow more cynical about life and love. There is no doubt in my mind as to the reasons why I am still single. As Misha says, the pickin's are slim around here (possibly as bad as the guy with the unibrow or the guy with gold rings on every finger like Gus brought home for dinner to meet Toula), but that really has only weighs in about 2% of my whys.

Some days it bothers me, and sometimes it doesn't. I don't mean this as a slap to my brother, but he just turned 29, is married for the second time and now has 4 kids. Probably 95% of my Facebook friends that I went to high school or college with are married with children. I'm the only person at work that has never been married or doesn't have kids. Sometimes it just feels like life has left me behind.

It amazes me how some people find several people to marry. Like one member of my family when he divorced 10-15 years ago. He was engaged to one woman, then when that didn't work out, did find someone else to marry. I actually wondered how desperate these women had to be because I couldn't figure out why anyone found him to be such a catch. I know of someone else who left his wife for someone who had been married 4-5 times. What made him think he was going to be the lucky one this woman stuck with?

I know with so much junk that goes on these days, I'm fortunate to have not gone through all that mess. But, is that really a way to look at life? At least I'm not married because, you know, it doesn't ever work out anyway. That's really how I feel. That's sad.

OK, I've been working on this entry for an hour and a half while I've watched the movie, took a break to empty/fill the dishwasher and do laundry. I really did have other things I planned to do as well, so I'm going to wrap it up.

One of my favorite scenes is about to come up, so I'll have to put the link in for you. I can't figure out how to post the You Tube video itself right this minute:


Parkerchica said…
When the right fella comes along, Matt and I will be happy to honor you by roasting a large animal in our front yard. You should know, though, that this will almost certainly attract the Clampitts to the party. Like a moth to a flame...

I think you should also note that for those with no standards at all, finding a mate is no sweat. Just watch an episode of COPS...which will, once again, involve the Clampitts.
Mimi N said…
Hi Audra. I wanted to let you know I've given you the Lemonade Award because I enjoy your blog so much. You are so fun to keep up with. Have a great week!

Mimi B

http://wovenbywords. blogspot. com
Audra Jennings said…
Misha - I feel honored that you would roast a lamb on a spit in your front yard. I do hope someone brings a bundt cake. (I wish you could hear my Greek accent in my head as I type.)

Mimi - Thank you for my lemonade award! I'm so glad you enjoy the insanity that is my life.
KeepItSimple said…
Audra, I do not know you or anything about you really other than what I have read on your blog in the last 10 minutes *smile*...but I want to give you hope! God has a reason for your singleness. I have to stop and say to myself more days than not, 'it's not about me, Lord, it's all about you!'.

As for doing college at home, our daughter does exactly that, and thinks of it as a blessing.

So, chin up! You're young yet - and God has a very special plan for your life in His story. Embrace it, love it, and be all that you can be for His glory.

Blessings -
kalea_kane said…
I regret saying this, but I have never seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding. How sad is that? I really should get onto that one of these days.

I often wondered how some people can be married so many times and really be kind of horrid, but I think they jump into things without God's planning. I really do. Heck, I got married four days after I hit 40, and my husband and I had never been married before. It is definitely MUCH better marrying the right person than to just have been able to say you were married. :)

I like you, Audra. Your blog is a great read.

Take care

Audra Jennings said…
Camille - thank you for your encouragement!

Kelly - for Pete's sake, go rent MBFGW - or look for it on TBS. If it was on last weekend, it will be on again very soon. Then, I want to hear what you have to say about it.
KeepItSimple said…

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I got all excited about you giving me an award - but, I may lose it because I can't seem to find it on your blog!!

*sheepishly smiling*