The scene that spoke a million words

This evening, I met up with Jenny to meet up with one of her friends, Ashley, to meet up with one of her friends, Sarah. We went to go see the movie "He's Just Not That Into You."

As we were waiting to get into the movie, on this stupid day of the year (one of my four least favorite days of the year) when everyone was at the movie on dates, four single women between the ages of 27-32 stand under the sign to the movie saying, "He's Not That Into You." One of our group (not sure which one) said, "the four of us standing under this sign says oh so much."

Yes, yes it did. What woman doesn't have a "he's not that into you" moment? The four of us certainly had an assortment of tales to tell.

Now, I'm not sitting her throwing a pity party, I'm just telling a funny story. I have to add that my grandmother made an unnecessary comment today. My mom and I were talking about someone or some situation, and Grandmother says, "see Audra, aren't you glad you're single?"

"Well, sometimes yes, and sometimes no."

The following is a public service announcement to all of the people who don't fall into the "never been married" category. Please, please, please, unless you want to be physically harmed, don't go and make comments like "with all the divorces in the world today, be glad you are single." Sometimes we are perfectly content with the way things are. Other times, not so much. Most of us would like to have someone in our lives. Just because things may have turned crappy for other people doesn't mean we wouldn't like to have a go at it ourselves.

Several years ago, Jenny and I were commenting to some of our single guy friends that we disliked Valentine's Day as single women. Our guy friends asked if it was really that important for us to get flowers on Valentine's Day. "YES!!!" we exclaimed. A few weeks later on Valentine's, Sammy cooked dinner for us and he and Jeremy had white roses for Jenny and I. Ladies, that right there is proof that you can get through to a guy every once in a while and train him right!

Now those guys, along with Adam who was at that dinner, are all married and Jenny and I are still single. Hmphf.

Here's another random reason why Valentine's is way over rated... I haven't eaten chocolate in 2 1/2 years. Without chocolate, what good is Valentine's Day?

Note to Ashley: Girl, you know I consider you one of my friends too, but the opening sounded funnier the way I wrote it. And, I promised you that I'd give you a shout out!


Mimi N said…
Did you change the look of your blog or am I having a senior moment? It seems so much "lighter" than before. Who knows. :) Spent my evening w/ a friend I haven't spent any time w/ for nearly 2 yrs, her daughter, my daughter, and their other friend. We went to a Christian club, Cub 3 Degrees, in the cities and saw 4 bands play. The last one is the band for Aquire the Fire this year Everyday Sunday. We had a lot of fun!

~Mimi B
Anonymous said…
After all that - what did you think of the movie? Though it had a lot of big names - I didn't think it was all that. . . Sometimes everyone in the theatre would be laughing and I was thinking - What am I missing?
Audra Jennings said…
Yeah, Mimi, I changed the look, but I don't like it. I may have to go back to the brown and dark purple. This background just isn't doing it for me.

Kristi - I'll have to do a review of the movie tonight and post. Overall, I would say that I liked it, but I'll tell you more later.

Let's just say the funniest part was when the Jeanine character (don't know how she spelled it) threw the mirror down on the floor, and some guy in the theater yells, "that's seven years!"