A grand achievement

I achieved something today that I am not sure that I have accomplished since the birth of my brother 29 years ago. It is pretty safe to say that today, I was my parents' favorite child.

The "great invasion" has not done a lot for my mom's sanity, ability to sleep, stress level or patience. My dad even got a bit peeved at my brother last night, my mother informs me. I took her out to lunch today to talk. And since I paid, my mom considered it a real treat. I replied back, "well, I am your good child." I figured she needed a treat.

It's a good thing my parents live at the dead end of the street. Mom's car is always in the driveway, then three cars can fit wide from one side of the street to the other. There's the trailer with stuff stored in it for the move, my dad's truck, Brian's farm/work (whatever he actually does these days) truck, Brian's other truck and Julie's car. When I drove up tonight and pulled in behind my mom in the driveway, the neighbor across the street says, "you have quite a crew over there, don't you."

My reply was, "well, I'm the only person that doesn't live here."

Neighbor: "How does it feel to be the only independent person in your family?"

Me: "At least my house is quiet. Everyone wants to come to my house to visit."

I worked late, so I didn't get over there until 6. Mom was in the kitchen, and the rest of the adults were sitting around the living room evidently waiting for her to cook something. Mom was borderline livid. We weren't really hungry, but we cooked for the rest of them.

At one point, Brian took Layton out of his activity center thing, put him in his walker and pushed him into the kitchen. I don't really know why he did that other than, well I don't know. Julie wasn't feeling good, so she went back to a bedroom.

I fixed "chicken macaroni" - sort of like chicken spaghetti, but with macaroni. So, it's elbow macaroni noodles, cut up cooked chicken chunks, a can of the really creamy cream of chicken soup, a little bit of onion, and cheese on top. This time I put a little bit of Velveeta in with it and baked it.

It comes out of the oven, my brother says, "you didn't put much cheese in it."

"Well, there is some in it, and that's all the grated cheese that was left on top. Besides, the cream of chicken soup that is the same color as the noodles is the point anyway." (The cheese that had melted somewhat from being left out Wednesday night--when he didn't put it back in the fridge since several of us ate before church and he came in right before we left--and then was stuck together when I got it out tonight.)

What I really wanted to say is, "you sound like one of your kids - shut up!"

I would just like to say that Madison liked it. Maybe that was the real grand achievement of the day all things considered. (Paige and Peyton weren't there to voice opinions.)

It seems as if Brian is trying to scheme to get my parents out of their house. "When do you close on your new house and when do you get to move in?"

Dad: "Wednesday, but I don't know when we get to move in."

I don't know if Brian has talked to the church yet about renting my parents' current house once they get to move out or not, but it sounds like he's trying to get them out. He just better watch his behavior because Mom is ready to pull a "who do you think you are talking to?" along with a "you are living in my house" on him. (I don't really remember him getting that as a teen - I remember hearing it myself though.)

Ah... the satisfaction of being the good child right now. No matter how old you get, sibling rivalry never dies!