Thou shalt not gossip... and why is he my brother?

This is just my theory of the day. I think the worst gossips are not little old church women, it's the men. I've had this theory about men for a while (they just like to blame it on the women). All the retired men at church frequent our Outreach Center drinking coffee on weekday mornings. Evidently, they were sitting around gossiping this morning while the ladies were having Ladies Bible Class.

I say all of this because one man (don't know how he knew it) passed on something to a retired preacher, who told his wife, who told my mom, who told me something. Well, I had to call "Grandma Sue" (a family friend who is not really my grandma) and tell her what she asked me about at church tonight was evidently not the most up to date news.

OK, I realize everyone is lost here. It's just a rambling about gossip which is really the whole point. Pointless! I told Sue at church she was a bad influence on me when she and her daughter were asking me about something and someone. I called to Sue to tell her I was probably wrong, and she kept me on the phone for 45 minutes asking me more stuff.

Let's just say I learned my lesson about gossiping today. I went down the block to pay my rent, and I was totally out of the loop about what was going on with situation that they were talking about too.

Tomorrow's a new day, and I'm going back to my mantra of, "I don't know, I don't ask, I don't care, it's none of my business." At least that is going to be my goal again.

All I have to say is you all better be hoping and praying that I get my sense of humor back for funny, insightful, coherent blog posts. I evidently have lost it along with my mind. I had to put out an APB for my mind because I lost it earlier today. There are just not enough hours in the day, especially this week.

Oh, OK, I have a funny story that I'll throw in amongst my blabbering. Dad picked up Peyton at school today and took her back to the house for a while before he had to take her back to meet Julie to go home. On their way to meet Julie, Dad drove by a policeman. Peyton says to Dad, "I don't know how many tickets Audra's brother has gotten."

My family has a joke about putting off relatives on other members of the family. For example, I might say to Brian "your grandmother did such and such" or "Mom, your aunt said whatever." I didn't realize that Peyton had picked up on this habit at the age of 4. She must have had something against her daddy today to put him off on me. I'm still laughing at hours later. She, Paige and I had that conversation a few weeks ago, but I don't know why she brought it up today.