Can I make an appointment?

That is actually a question that I asked my mom tonight. "Can I make an appointment to talk to you?"

Tonight marks night 7 of "The Great Invasion" over at my parents house. I haven't really, truly had a chance to talk to my mom since Saturday, and for most of the time I was with her that day, my grandmother was around. Not exactly the opportune time to talk.

I had something on my mind that I wanted to talk to her about, and we usually get a chance when we ride to church together on Wednesday nights, but all three girls were in tow tonight. I tried talking to her on the phone one night, but Dad answered the phone and was kind of keeping guard or something.

Until 8 people started living there, I never realized how small my parents' house was. Of course, it probably seems even smaller to the 8 of them than it does to me. Without all of their toys around, the two younger girls run around like crazy, bumping into Layton's activity seat things (what are those things called?) or each other. We sit down to eat and it's the constant, "I don't like this" or "I don't want that."

I think my mom wouldn't mind having a conversation with me too, but alas, who can speak a sentence without an audience or an interruption. When I left, I said, "we should do lunch sometime."

The problem is, there just isn't a routine yet. Living at Grandma and Pop's just isn't normal. My dad seems to be dealing well, my mom, she's struggling a bit.

They are going to get to close and move on their new house sooner than originally expected. Brian told Dad he wants to rent the current house from the church when Mom and Dad move out. Maybe that will work out for them. Then I can decorate the new house.

Mom introduced me as the decorator to the realtor and then again to the woman that is selling the house. Then when I say something about decorating, she laughs and says, "oh really?" "Uh, Mom, if you keep telling everyone I am the decorator, are you not going to let me do some decorating?"

Paige came over for a while to be able to watch American Idol in peace and get a bubble bath. Then Dad picked her back up and took her back home. She told me it was her night to sleep on the couch. It must be a rotation over there.

I told Paige that she could bring the Wii and Karaoke machine over to my house Saturday night. There really isn't room over at the mad house, and besides, I want to play the Wii!


Parkerchica said…
The "activity seat" could be called an exersaucer or a megasaucer or some other kind of saucer.

Have fun decorating your folks' place.