Just what is a ligature, you ask?

Wow! The most comments I have received in two weeks on an entry has to do with the status message I left posted on my blog regarding a press release I was reading. Now you will be sorry that you asked.

OK readers, before I continue on, you have to keep in mind that I started out as a communication (graphic) design major and had a whole semester of typography. A ligature is a typography term used to describe when two letters should basically be merged together for visual appeal. Typesetters have functionality in their computer programs to fix this, but I don't think that you can do it in your everyday version of Microsoft Word. Any word, for example, that has an fi or fl will actually connect those letters together so that their is not a dot above the i.

Take a quick look at Wikipedia to see what I mean. I promise that you have seen this before as you were reading, but you just didn't notice. Now you will notice for the next four days.

However anal-retentive I might be, I normally am not this bad about noticing things like that, but I just so happened to catch them yesterday. I don't know why, it was just one of those days, I guess...