I've sat down, and I can't get back up

I've kind of survived moving my parents so far...

We started packing up the truck with the lift to move furniture last night. I got home at 10:30 last night, and didn't sleep all that wonderfully. I got up this morning, went over and packed up all of my car, Dad's truck and the rest of a trailer.

The lady they were buying the house from had some problems with her movers this morning, so we didn't get to start moving stuff into the house until after 3:00 today. But, we had a big truck, Dad's back seat and bed of his truck, a trailer, my car and Mom's car packed and ready to go by then.

Jenny helped us for as long as she could once we finally got over there. But between last night and this morning, by the time we really got going, I was tired. I thought one of the pieces of the sectional was going to kill me because we could not get it into the house. The refrigerator wasn't a load of fun either. A lot of work for the four of us.

Now, it hurts to move the mouse. I hope I can haul my rear out of this chair and into the shower.