In all seriousness...

For the past two weeks, I've made light about the situation over at my parents house. Well, things were bound to turn ugly at some point, and unfortunately they did.

Today was my attitude adjustment day (have I ever mentioned how I love attitude adjustment days?). It was quite the positive experience, and I'd like to give referrals to some people that need their attitude royally adjusted in more ways than one.

My parents have their house back to themselves for the last day and a half before they move. Mom cannot wait to be able to get into the house, but I just wish the last few days in their house could have been more peaceful and joyous than they have been.

Now, it's time for me to become deep and reflective.

There comes a point and time in life, when an adult needs to grow up and become a responsible adult with respect for those around them.

There comes a point and time when an adult needs to realized that the decisions that he/she makes create a ripple effect, and sometimes even a tidal wave that can virtually drown those in the path.

There comes a point and time when you realize that there are no do overs, and you really wish you could because you've not only broken, but smashed things up so badly that all the super glue and duct tape in the world won't completely fix it.

There comes a point and time when the people around you have finally decided to throw up a roadblock because they've let you run over them enough, and decide to finally take a stand.

There comes a point and time in life, when even though your children are young, they realize what is going on around them and see what's wrong, even if you don't.

There comes a point and time in life that you reap what you sow.

There is a certain someone that I hope figures this out really soon. I'm going to put some heavy duty praying into it because that's the only thing that is going to do any good. God is really doing some work in my life right now, and I hope that He uses me to make a difference in this situation.

Just a warning to all of you... I'm helping with the move this weekend, so there may not be much blogging going on. I'll keep you posted.


Parkerchica said…
This is good. God is good, too.

I had my own attitude readjustment day yesterday, too. Hooray for readjusted attitudes! Hooray for being grown-ups!