Turning lemons into lemonade

I received a new award today from Mimi at Woven By Words. The Lemonade Award is for blogs with great attitude and/or gratitude. This award is special to me because I very seldom feel like I have a great attitude. The fact that some people find lemonade with the lemons I seem to present means a lot to me.

Per Mimi about my blog: She is so funny when she shares her "random" thoughts. She also works for The B & B Media Group. It's fun keeping up with her life!

I so appreciate that anyone follows and reads my blog full of randomness. I try hard to come up with something every day for my faithful readers because I do realize that I have a few. Actually, my co-workers get a little disappointed when I don't have anything new posted about me posted daily and when I just post work-related information.

Just in case you ever wanted to know more about the way my mind works, I'm a bit of a people pleaser and cannot stand it when anyone is disappointed in me. Yeah, yeah, everyone is saying, "who doesn't?", but I've let it go to a bit of an extreme. Sadly, I try to be as funny as possible just to gain the approval and acceptance of potential readers.

So, getting an award of any kind really, really, really makes my day and makes my effort to reveal my humor worth while. Speaking of making my day, when I have a bad one, there are a couple of people that tend to take care of me and leave me hilarious comments. They also promise to roast a lamb on a spit in their front yard if I ever find me an "E-ON Mill-er". I am passing a Lemonade Award onto:

Misha's My Picket Fence - when I can't think of anything to say, her writing usually fills the space since she writes a lot of B&B's press material.

Matt's The Adventures of Captain Penelope because he needs an award too and he was my first guy follower. Actually, a funny thing about Matt and I that I'll share. We both have the same someone following our blog, but we don't know who this person is, and he doesn't follow any other blogs that either of us follow. We are happy you are following us, but curious as to how you found us.

SPEAKING OF OTHER BLOGS... check out The B&B Media Group's new blog - www.tbbmedia.blogspot.com.


Unknown said…
I would like to thank the Academy, my agent who takes a full 20% of my earnings and who I am bound by contract to mention, and my awesome producer, without whom I wouldn't be standing here today. My parents and loyal fans are really the ones who should be standing here, but they're not, so I'll take the award myself. Oh, and Misha's great, too. (cue music) Man! Not yet! Oh, I have so many people left to thank! Get your hands off me! AAARRRGH! Thank you Corsicana! And my poodle Zha--