Not so sure about that...

Penny sent me a piece of flair on Facebook today that said, "Only fake blondes are dumb." I agreed with that when I saw it, now I'm not so sure.

I accidentally swallowed a french fry with a sharp end before I meant to and scratched my throat something awful. I don't know if it is still wedged or just really scratched my throat.

Someone with the inability to chew food properly isn't too bright.

In other news, I'm slowly, but surely helping Mom get boxes unpacked. I have to arrange a huge china cabinet and a hutch tomorrow. Oh, and bring my laser level to hang pictures. We're finally going to get some things in place tomorrow.

She's definitely ready to get things in order and in place so that people can come over and see the place. No one has been there except me since they have moved in. With the exception of Jenny helping us on Saturday, and of course nothing was in place at all then.

I'll have to give you an update tomorrow night.