Did I just say something?

I'm in a much better state of mind today, but I don't have anything profound to say. It's not that there haven't been some things going on with me lately, but they aren't blog worthy.

My current Facebook status is: "I don't think anyone pays attention to what I say the first time I say it." Maybe it's because I talk too much and no one pays attention to anything I say anymore. I'm really not sure.

The most common instance of this is saying something to one of my parents. Literally, 15 seconds later, one of them repeats what I just said or makes a similar comment or asks the same question, except neither one paid attention to what I said even though I was with 5 feet of them.

I think some people are ignoring me via email now too. Oh, well! I'm going to make more of an effort to just ignore such things when they happen. Obviously, blog readers, I haven't had anything worthy to say lately anyway.

Anyone in the DFW area want to take a day off with me next Friday? I think I'm going to put in a request tomorrow.


Unknown said…
Give your parents a break here, it's not so much that they aren't listening to you as we just plain forget! Multi tasking after 50 takes on a whole new meaning!