What is it about Mondays?

Maybe it's because I take a long nap on Sundays. Maybe I end up staying up a little later on Sundays than other nights before going to work, but on Monday nights, I'm exhausted. I was trying to watch Dancing with the Stars, but ended up sleeping for an hour on the chaise. That happens frequently on Mondays.

I should have been on the couch if I was going to sleep because I always push my arms down on the chaise in a way that kills my neck. And I should have taken out my contacts instead of sleeping in them for an hour because my eyes dried out and my contacts permaplasted to my eyeballs. No bueno!

And now for more randomness...

Patience is not one of my virtues. I'm really ready to hear more about the play I tried out for and if the director is going to have to do a different play or if they audition a cast for another play or what. I just want to know.

Paige is not going to be going to Nashville to the concert that might prove me to bad example. I doubted it would happen, and indeed it won't.

I'm jealous of Jenny today - she's on spring break this week. That would be the only good thing about teaching, but I wish I was on spring break this week.

I could have finished this blog post an hour ago, but I got to looking at something stupid online. I waste more time online than I care to admit. Why, I have no idea.

I think my dryer is going out. It really shouldn't take 3 cycles to dry clothes every time. Christi had to buy a dryer recently. My parents bought a new dryer when they got to the new house. Surely, this isn't one of those things that happen in sets of 3.

I need to go buy tickets to take Paige to "I Do, I Do" for weekend after next. That weekend, I will have to plan for Peyton on Friday night (she emphatically explained to Mom this weekend that she wants to come to my house by herself and have me take her to Don Jose's) and Paige on Saturday night.

That's it for now. I really need to log off and go to sleep. Besides my neck and shoulder hurt from that nap plus using the mouse. Good night to all!