My Sunday Audition

This afternoon, I tried out for A Bad Year for Tomatoes. We'll see if I get in or not. They may actually have to do a different play with all women since there were no men to try out for the male roles.

I took a nap today between morning worship, the audition and evening worship. That's about the extent of today's excitement.

My parents and I are still in discussions about when we will go on vacation. There's debate involved for several reasons. I'm ready to go somewhere. I haven't been anywhere in a year now since I went out to Vegas to drive back with Jenny when she came home. The trip to Brenham and Houston with the girls doesn't count in my book.

So, I hope everyone had a good weekend!


Parkerchica said…
Will you still remember me after you're a big theatre star?
Audra Jennings said…
Yes, Misha, you are unforgettable. But, no one is saying I am going to be a big star yet.