I'm not so lucky after all

For all the story that I gave earlier in the week in regards to the wedding invitation, my parents finally got theirs today - along with one addressed to my brother - three days after I did. All three were sent to the same address that then had a forward order.

I still wouldn't have been surprised if I had gotten an invite and they hadn't. Guess I'm not so lucky after all.

I woke up way too early this morning in an effort to get to work early in order to finish all of my reports before I needed to leave at 2:45 to pick up Paige from school. (I still had to go back to work with Paige and Peyton in tow to finish what little bit I had left.) I am not a morning person, and I actually woke up before my 5 AM alarm, so the rest of this post is going to be short. I'm TIRED!

Peyton had been going on for weeks about a "by MYSELF" night at my house. She wouldn't let anyone else go out to eat at Don Jose's with us so that she could have enchiladas. She did invite Jenny to come with us, but Jenny had another commitment. However, when it came time to settle here for the night, she decided she wanted to stay at Mom and Dad's house tonight. I had to take her right back over there. None of us can figure it out other than she was really tired and we should have come over here earlier.

When I left, she was in the bathtub and told me to call her in the morning. I can't figure out the four year old today.

Tomorrow morning Jenny and I are supposed to go read a script for a play at the Warehouse Living Arts Center to replace the other play that we tried out for. We're not exactly sure what to expect. All we know is that the director asked the two of us to come. I shall update you tomorrow.

My Facebook status earlier read "It was a dark and stormy day in Corsicana, TX" to which someone said I better be blogging. (Another shout out to Laura!) Well, the weather forecast for today was a lead factor in me not taking the day off today like I had planned earlier in the week. I had planned to spend the day at the Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens for a calming break away from life. Obviously, if you live around here, you know today was NOT the day to do such a thing. Maybe I'll go on Good Friday.

Since I worked all last weekend at Christian Book Expo, I'm ready for this weekend. I'm ready for that Sunday afternoon nap. Maybe I should just go to bed.