Maybe I'm not such a great example after all

I decided a long time ago in my effort to be the world's greatest aunt that I was going to do my best to be a good example to Paige and Peyton (and now Madison and Layton). Well, maybe I am not the greatest example after all.

This is going to be a funny story, by the way...

I haven't seen Paige and Peyton in over a week, and I miss them like crazy. I texted Paige a couple of days ago to call me when she got the message. I was trying to take a Sunday nap today when my cell phone rang. The only two people that it wouldn't make me mad to get a phone call from during my nap were on the other end. They were passing the phone back and forth between them. Paige, then Peyton, then Paige, then Peyton.

Peyton's big thing of the day is that I needed to see where she has a missing tooth (actually 2 side by side) after having them pulled by the dentist this week, and that she is ready to come spend the night at my house "by myself without Paige and Madison." But, she does want Jenny to come over and spend the night with her, and I have to take just her to Don Jose's for cheese enchiladas. "No problem, just tell me when you can come one Saturday."

Paige is ready for me to come eat lunch with her again out at the school. I promised to come out for lunch soon. And her other big thing was where my bad influence comes in...

"Hey, guess what!?"

"I don't know, what?"

"Guess where I am going."


"I'm going to Nashville on Spring Break."

"Nashville? Really? Well, that's neat."

"And guess who I am going to see."


"New Kids on the Block!"

This is what my influence has done to a poor seven year old child. I've turned a little girl into a fan of New Kids on the Block. What kind of person am I?

Granted, I'm not the one taking her. Evidently, this is what the plan is when her mom has her for Spring Break. I looked online to see if they were indeed there because sometimes people come up with things that aren't quite true and build up things that aren't going to happen.

Paige got excited for me when I told her back in the fall that Jenny and I were going to their concert, before she knew who they were, and since then, her mom, step-mom, Jenny and I have talked about how much we liked them when we were young. I let Paige watch videos and listen to their songs from the original time they were popular, but they aren't exactly as kid friendly as they used to be with their latest CD and some portions of their concert. That's the responsible aunt thinking there.

I called Jenny after talking to Paige, and she laughed and said, "it is the sincerest form of flattery."

Hopefully, I'm not the one to blame for Peyton's cheese enchilada addiction.