If you don't like it, give me something to talk about

There are a couple of readers of my blog who give me grief when I don't blog something funny. They don't enjoy it so much when I post press releases (you work at the same place I do - we're supposed to get online posts!) or when I review other books that I have read (I want free books like other bloggers on occasion). So I warned them (at least one of them) that I was going to talk about them the next time that I posted.

(Boy that paragraph above had a bunch of parentheses.)

So, Christi and Penny, I'm talking about the two of you just because I can!

Here's part of the reason why blogging has been slow today. Sometimes work is just work. And outside of work, I've not done much lately. You work with me - what would be the point in talking about it on here for your entertainment?

Here's what I did last night: I left work, went to my parent's house, helped my mom hang her shot glass shelves, unwrapped the shot glasses, and helped put them on the shelves. (Yes, my mom collects shot glasses - it started out as toothpick holders, but then one day, I turned to my dad in a souvenir shop, and asked, "does Mom realize she's collecting shot glasses now?" I proudly bought her a "Sin City" one in Vegas, by the way.)

Once I got home, I sat down on the chaise, and watched Grey's Anatomy (I may have to rant on that later). I could barely keep my eyes open through Private Practice, which I am quickly getting bored with, and did in fact doze more than once. I took my shower, did my Bible reading, journaled and went to bed.

For the past three weekends, I've helped my parents pack, move or unpack. Most evenings, I've gone over and helped in some way. In the past two weeks, the only person that has seen their house is me and briefly Jenny.

Here, I'll go off on a semi-side story. Mom has been wanting to get the house straightened up, in order, and sort of decorated before anyone comes over to see it. Grandmother called her last night and said that she might have her friend Lisa (now that really is a huge other side story if I cared to go there) bring her over to Corsicana on Saturday so that she could come see the house. Mom told her she planned to go shopping in Waxahachie and wouldn't be home. Shame, shame, shame. Mom did say though that I should tell Jenny to come by on Sunday and see how things are shaping up though.

If Jenny happens to be reading this, that's the second time you have been pointed out as special this week by members of my family. You are special!

Now back to why my blog has been boring... I've already written about the only Paigey-beth and PeyPey stories that I have for the past two weeks. I have not seen them since for two weeks now, since the big parting of the ways, and I've only spoken to them on the phone once.

Brian is evidently still pouting and not returning Dad's calls. Mom is just ticked off and says she doesn't want to deal with him right now anyway. We all miss the girls, but at least I've talked to them.

I text messaged Brian earlier to see if I could take Paigey to see "I Do, I Do" because she wants someone to take her. Somehow everyone decided that I would be the one to take her. So that's in two weeks. If I take her on Saturday night, I'll have to let PeyPey have her "by myself" night on Friday night since she's been after me for that. And I need to let her have it before I take Paige anywhere, or a four year old will let me have it.

On Sunday, Jenny and I are going to try out for a local play. I bet whoever wants to bet me $5 Jenny gets a part because the director LOVES her and she always gets a part. (I've placed this bet with Jenny before and won although I didn't get any money.) For whatever unknown reason, the director HATES me. I've auditioned for her several times without getting a part. The last time I walked in, I got a very visible snub when I walked in the door. There's no way that I could have just imagined it.

So, let's go back to Christi and Penny. Penny should be a doctor because she told Christi a month ago that her problem was her gall bladder. The doctors finally agreed, and Christi will be having her gall bladder taken out on Monday. I would say that I would do my hardest to blog a special week of funny just for Christi, but she doesn't have a computer at home to read it.

I may have to dig deep and dedicate a week of the funniest that I can be to Christi anyway. She's felt so terrible lately, and when she left today, I've never seen someone so looking forward to surgery in my life.

Happy surgery Christi! Hope you get to feeling better soon!

Side note: Penny, I'm so proud of you learning how to comment on my blog. Now, you better post one here.


Unknown said…
Dr. Watkins, has a nice ring don't you think??