Work it, work it!

Today, I worked at the Christian Book Expo in Dallas. I was able to have a few good meetings with media, meet with some of our authors, and caught up with some publisher contacts I had not seen in a while. We were also a part of the Believers Press booth.

It's really a shame that the attendance was not as large as expected. There were times when the exhibit hall floor resembled a ghost town.

I'll be going back tomorrow to man the New Growth Press booth, and can only imagine how light the crowd will likely be. I think I'm going to break down and buy a book or two (it is a book selling convention) and may perhaps have some reading time since I will be flying solo.

One of my meetings was with Laura MacCorkle (shout out time!), an editor at who covers several of the channels on their website, including singles. Since she too is a single, I could not resist telling her my Grandmother story from last night. I'm glad she got a good laugh out of the story. I told her she should check out my periodic blogs on the single life.

That was about the extent of my day. When I got back into town, the three nieces were at my parents, so I needed to make an appearance. I'll end with a funny Peyton story.

I was finishing off my caramel frappachino, and from across the backyard, Peyton asked what I was drinking. The child will try anything, and I let her so that maybe she won't be as picky as her sister. All that was really left was the whipped cream mixed in with a little of the drink that was at the top of the cup. There really wasn't much coffee content left in it. She took a sip, and asked "does it have coffee in it?" I answered that yes it did. Her response was "eww."

I told her that I used to think the same thing as she gave me the cup back. Then she stood there a minute, telling me something else. After a minute, she took the cup back, took another sip and said, "I like it now." She went on to suck as much as she could off the bottom. I asked her if she was finished, and she said, "there's some on the bottom."

At one point, she came up with a big smile on her face saying something about Paige didn't even know that she (Peyton) didn't speak Spanish. I think they were faking that they spoke Spanish or something. I asked, "do you want me to tell you a story?"


"When Paige was your age, actually even littler than you, you were a baby. We were wondering when you were going to start talking and Paige said to me one time, 'I hope when PeyPey starts talking, she doesn't talk in Spanish because I won't be able to understand her.'"

I had to repeat the story back to Paige because she didn't remember. Paige, really seriously thought that when Peyton started talking, she just might speak Spanish. I think my original response to her was something like, "you think that might happen, huh? Well, I don't think we should worry about that happening because I bet she speaks English."

For a bonus, I'll throw in a Madison story too. She was on the sidewalk, and standing with one foot on one stepping stone that made up the walk, and one on another. You know that childhood rhyme, "Step on a crack, break your mother's back. Step on a line, break your mother's spine."?Well, Madison had a different take on it. "Step on a line, your mother gets a cramp."

You gotta admit, that's kind of funny!