I may take back what I said

I can admit when I am wrong. I don't claim to have all the answers. I may take back what I said a few months ago when I thought it was a bad idea that Stevie Wonder wanted to be on Dancing with the Stars.

At least in my opinion, Stevie Wonder could be considered a star. Well, certainly more of a star than this season's cast.

I really think that the fact that Lil' Kim dedicated her first dance to all the girls back in the federal detention center is just about the most ludicrous comment I've heard in a while. She said that the first time she ever watched Dancing with the Stars was while she was in prison. After her dance, Tom Bergereon said he dedicated his hosting tonight to everyone at Riker's Island. Tom, I loved your comeback. It proved that you too thought her comment was stupid.

Shamefully, I may be rooting for Steve O and Lacey just because I like Lacey and Steve O wasn't as bad as I figured.

I cannot stand Karina, and find it a little funny that she is partnered with Steve Wozniak. The Woz CANNOT dance. He looks ridiculous. He should not be considered a star. Next year will it be the guy on MySpace that's always your first friend? I should hope not.

I don't have anything against Lawrence Taylor, but do we only allow former NFL players? Don't get me wrong - I voted for Emmitt and liked Jerry, Warren and Jason well enough. But what about a player from Major League Baseball? Of course, they would have had to be recently retired because the season always overlaps with the TV seasons, but come on...does it always have to be football?