There has got to be something better to do on a Saturday night

Something better than doing laundry, checking email and Facebook, and watching "Surprise Weddings" on WE.

This show has women proposing to their boyfriends to get married that night. They bring out the man to see the woman in a wedding dress and the host says, "Jane wants to marry you tonight on this stage." It's really quite dumb. Not to mention that I don't know how long ago this show was taped. There is no such thing as the Aladdin casino in Las Vegas anymore. It's now the Planet Hollywood or PH. I just happen to know that.

I took the sheets off my bed when I got up late this morning, thinking I would have come home before 9 PM and am now waiting for them to dry so that I can make my bed and go to sleep.

My Saturday consisted of getting up late, then going to Target, Lowe's, Belk and JCPenney in Waxahachie. Once we got back, we did pick up Paige and Peyton, and they got to see Mom & Dad's new house for the first time. That was pretty neat for them.

The house is pretty big, and we adults have been shouting "Marco" "Polo" to find each other for the past two weeks while we have been unpacking, arranging, etc. Mom and I told them about this on the way to the house, so all afternoon/evening, there was a lot of "Marco" "Polo" going on.

The other phrase of the day was, "whatcha' doin'?" If Peyton said it once, she said it at least 25 times. "The same thing I was doing two minutes ago." It was really quite a boring day. Picking bathmats and toilet covers can only provide so much entertainment.

Let's go back to TV programming. I'll just talk about what was on Thursday night. Feel free to discuss your thoughts on any of the following:

Did anyone about lose their cookies during the reward challenge on Survivor? I've seen a lot of lame challenges, but this one was torturous. They had someone sit on this thing that I can best describe as like a sit and spin from my childhood. It was a race between the tribes, and one person had to pull the rope wrapped around the spindle making the person sitting on it dizzy. Then the dizzy person had to walk a balance beam, and the first person across scored a point. While I admit that it was humorous to watch a couple of the people stumble around, that would make me so sick to do. I'm not good with riding around in a circle without getting woozy.

Then, there was Grey's Anatomy. Lately the show ought to be call Izzy's Anatomy. I can't believe Derek took a baseball bat to the engagement ring he had been carrying around. Granted, I didn't like Meredith's "he's fine" routine. Amen to this bit of advice, "if you love someone, you don't leave them alone." (Except for when you are trying to convince your brother to have his stomach removed - uh, that's his choice. That's pretty drastic, even with all things considered. That sister was a bit bossy.) McDreamy looked a bit McDeath-warmed-over. And it kind of freaked me out when they did the close up of Karev making his speech. He's kind of weird looking.

I dozed a little during Private Practice. I'm really pretty much over that show. The best episodes of the show were a couple of weeks ago when they did the crossover thing even though some people hated those shows.

I'll even back up a few days and ask about American Idol. I'm really bored with American Idol this season, and the Top 13 just started. I doubt that I will follow it all the way through this year. But thank goodness that Michael Jackson didn't make an appearance. Everyone singing his songs was bad enough.

So, anyone else have an opinion?


cheri said…
Ugh!! The Michael Jackson night on AI was terrible!!!!! Surely there are enough "good" artist out there to choose from! I'm a little behind on reading your blogs....