Do you ever wonder what people really think of you?

Of course, by and large, I would rather not know what some people really think about me, but a certain email this morning had me wondering.

A co-worker (shout out to Vicki) sent me an email with the subject line "Peep Show" and a note that this made her think of me.

The attached photo had several pink Easter bunny peeps (you know those really disgusting marshmallow candy things). One pink bunny was wrapped around a stripper pole while the others were standing around wearing g-strings and pasties with money in their waistbands. Three big fat yellow chicken peeps were in the audience.

I get that this picture was comical, and that someone was very, very creative with way too much time on their hands. I can appreciate that.

Why this screamed my name, I still don't know, even though I asked. Vicki said that I was always talking about "my peeps". I may talk about my peeps, but I never realized I called them "my peeps".

My dad was talking about junk email at work, and I was telling him about this (he loves marshmallow peeps). He laughed and said he would have thought of me when he saw it because he knows that I HATE peeps.

The thought of them... the sight of them... make me gag. I can hardly talk about them without gagging. For that reason alone, I won't post a peep picture for you.


In other commentary, I apologize for my lack of consistent posting recently. I've been busy at work and have been tired when I have gotten home. My creative juices have dried up when I've sat down to blog the past couple of weeks. Last night, I could just not think of anything to say AT ALL. Being entertaining all the time is HARD!!!

Sometimes funny things happen, but you just can't tell them for the sake of, you just can't. Just for Tracy's sake, here's our own private joke, all I have to say is, "just talk really slow and loud"

I have a stack of books to read post reviews on, but I've not had much time to read lately for some reason. I should be finishing the book I've been reading on for fun over the past few weeks soon and will post on it.

RANDOM COMMENT TIME: I'm watching Dancing with the Stars as I am typing. Boyz II Men sure was trying giving it their all to do their own choreography behind the dancers. You go Men!!! I watched the first half of American Idol earlier. Is anyone as bored with it as I am? I'm very unimpressed. I should have watched NCIS instead while Biggest Loser is Tivo-ing in the other room.


ALSO... Lots of new posts are going up this week on Business as UNusual, the B&B Media Group blog. Check it out, and let us know if there are any books there that you would be interested in blogging on, and we'll be happy to get them out to you.