A return to normalcy

Yes, I sort of have forgotten  how to blog like I used to. I have been busy in more ways than one obviously.

Some of the funnier moments of the day week or two I can't really share for one reason or another.
After this weekend, I am done with fixing up he house which has been my focus for the past couple of months.

Today I painted my bedroom and the hall. I even went and bought a new bed. The empty guest room was kind of bugging me and I decided I wanted a new bed. Especially with all those dead skin cell commercials and my mattress is over 8.

We moved the one I have had into the guest room. Now I must shop for a bedspread. That may mean a trip to Waxahachie tomorrow. I saw one at Walmart that I really like but I have seen some at Target I like too.

If anyone wants to stay down here next weekend when I have a bunch of friends over, now they have a bed. My painting frenzy was to have everything ready for next weekend. Bit my legs are so sore from getting up and down the ladder and up and down off the floor while doing base boards.

Last night, I spent hours taping. And parts of 5 rolls of tape. Every time I went to get more from my supply box in the laundry room, I just knew I wouldn't have any more. That's what happens when there are 6 doors in an L-shaped hall.

It's going to be a while before I do any painting upstairs. I am done for a while for sure.

Trim work in progress
Won't be sleeping in here tonight.
It takes up a lot of the room, but hey, there's nothing else in there except a mirror and a small table/nightstand.