Sometimes You Have to Experience Darkness Before You Can See the Light

Ace Collins leads readers on an emotionally

charged ride from revenge to forgiveness

Tragedy brings out either the best in us or the worst. However, it is nearly impossible to predict what a person’s response will be until something life-changing happens. In his latest release, Darkness Before Dawn (Abingdon Press / March 1, 2013 / ISBN: 978-1426714672 / $14.99), best-selling author Ace Collins tells the heart-wrenching story of a young woman’s pursuit of justice after losing her husband in a senseless accident that never had to happen.

On the same night she discovers she is pregnant, 28-year-old nurse Meg Richards’s husband is killed in an auto accident caused by a drunken teen. Facing the future of raising her child alone is almost more than she can bear. Angered by her senseless loss and facing life as a single mother, Meg blames God for what has happened. Her desire for the drunk driver to be punished begins to take over, and the consequences of what she is contemplating will change not only her life but the lives of those around her. Her profound grief may push her over the edge.

James Thomas is a star athlete and glamour boy at the local high school, but the accident he caused will change his life — and Meg’s future — forever. James comes from one of the most influential families in the community whose wealth and power sways a corrupt judicial system. Enraged by the brutal trial and the court’s decision, Meg starts down a frightening path of retribution. When the opportunity for revenge comes unexpectedly, will Meg follow through? Or will the remnants of her faith lead her in a different direction?

Collins describes Darkness Before Dawn as moral issues suspense, combining elements that not only keep readers on the edge of their seats, but also cause them to consider their own life decisions. This novel is a wild ride going into areas a lot of Christian books really don’t want to touch,” admits Collins. “These pages will explore these decisions not just in a black-and-white fashion, but in the middle ground as well. Moral issues are not easy, and when faced with doubt, grief and pain, many Christians often make choices that others don’t understand.”  

Through Meg’s story, Collins gets into the issues of abortion, suicide, driving under the influence and a judicial system that can be swayed by power and money. While all of these are heavy topics, Collins is able to provide just the right balance and wraps them into a plot that centers the price of revenge and retribution. “I want to leave readers with the lesson that there is great wisdom in leaving the judging to God. I am hoping folks see the real pain and suffering in a life fueled by hate and vengeance, and in the end they also see the greatest power on earth is forgiveness and love.  There is great power is embracing those in need, even if we don’t agree with their choices.”

About the Author

There is no doubt that Ace Collins loves to write! This is proven by the more than 60 titles he has created in the past two-and-a-half decades, including thrillers such as Reich of Passage, action-adventure novels like Jefferson Burke and the Secret of the Scroll, sentimental tales and mysteries found in the pages of The Yellow Packard and even moral issues suspense found in Darkness Before Dawn.

Collins continues to pen nonfiction books and has a new devotional book based on popular music coming out later this year. In addition to bestsellers such as Stories Behind the Great Traditions of Christmas, he has written the biographies of Evel Knievel, Bette Midler and Pam Tillis, how-to books, an historical children series, and a book on the star players of the old Negro baseball league. Altogether, his books have sold more than two million copies. In the course of his writing career, Collins has also penned more than 2,000 magazine features for national and regional publications. For the past 25 years he has also been the editor and graphic designer for World Evangelism Magazine. He also hosts the nonprofit charity organization’s radio and television broadcasts.

Collins has made many national TV guest appearances on programs such as Good Morning America, The Today Show, Fox and Friends and many others. Two of his books have been made into network TV specials, and Collins even hosted the ABC holiday offering Lassie 280 Dog Years On TV. His book Father Does Know Best was made into a NBC movie of the week.

Collins has won numerous awards for his writing including three Golden Quills, an America’s Writing Award and the Angel of Excellence Award. He has spoken to many groups and was a feature lecturer at the National Archives Author Series in Washington, D.C.

When he is not writing, Collins enjoys restoring and driving classic cars and collecting movie memorabilia from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Ace and his wife, Kathy, live in Arkadelphia, AR, where she is a professor at Ouachita Baptist University and he is the voice of the Ouachita Tiger basketball team. The couple has two adult sons.

Learn more about Ace Collins and his books at Readers can also become a fan on Facebook (ace.collins) or follow him on Twitter (@AceCollins).