At least I got a Starbucks out of the deal

This is my luck. Last night after I got through painting I went to Walmart to look for a bedspread. Wet hair and all because I had just hosed off paint and sweat, and heck, it was Walmart.

I found one that I liked, but I had seen some at Target, so I didn't commit.

While there, I called Mom and told her I wished she was there to convince me to just get it.
Last night, I was peeling tape at almost midnight, touching up, and having to take a second shower. When I went to bed in the now guest room - because of paint fumes and the fact I moved my bed - the noises were different and I didn't have my TV to fall asleep to. Too late to bed. I really wanted a nap. I didn't get my Sunday nap last week since we went to Houston.

But, I took Mom with me to Waxahachie to Target. I didn't see what I saw online necessarily, or what I saw Monday in The Woodlands. We went to JCPenney too. Found a lamp I liked at Target, but no bedding to match.

We ended up going to Walmart up there and getting what I saw last night. Mom agreed that if she had gone with me, we would have just gotten it last night.

But at least I got a salted caramel mocha frappachino without the salt at Starbucks in Target... 40 miles each way to use my Starbucks gift card my boss gave me last weekend for Easter.

I finally got a bit of a nap after Dad came over to hang curtains again. We hung them two weeks ago, then took them down to paint. Thank goodness I am staying in the guest room one more night. While vacuuming, the vacuum started smoking, and now it smells like burnt rubber. Dad hadn't left yet, so we want to investigate belts and such. While he went to dump/clean the filter, I got a pair of scissors. I told him we were about to cut hair out. Sure enough, I had enough hair around the roller that the belt started burning. Guess he never had to mess with the vacuum when I was a teenager living with them. Think it kind of blew his mind.

Anyway, here is a pic of the guest room and my selection. I now get to empty the last three bins since painting and furniture moving is done.

(Quick cheer for Josh Hamilton getting the last out. Been booing him all weekend.)

Oh, and here is my latest work in progress. Paige asked me to make the ugliest scarf ever for a gag gift. Paige is going to tell a friend she made it and make her open it in front of the whole class. Paige is mean.