Not so sure how that is going to work out

Peyton has been wanting to come over for the past few weeks and finally made it over Friday night.

I pointed out my new guest room - queen size bed, new bedding, right near my bedroom. Not a chance. Not in this house. At least not this time around.

Since it was the first time to stay over here in this house, she was not used to it, and really scared to be in a room by herself. I had to keep reminding myself, "she's only 8. She's only 8."

Not that she isn't always within close proximity, but this was many times worse. As in seriously would not let me have a moment in the bathroom. At one point, I had gone to the restroom, and on my way out, I was looking in a mirror on the back of the door to see if there was something in my eye. My finger was pointed towards my eye, very close to the door, when the door opened. It's a wonder I didn't jam my finger right into my eye.

She even asked at one point if she could sit on the toilet while I took a shower if she closed her eyes. NOOOO!

Anytime I left the room, "where are you going?" "The laundry room." This happened for all of the 24 hours she was over here.

Swinging on a nice evening at the park.
We did have a great time going to her favorite Mexican food restaurant, having cheese enchiladas and splitting fried ice cream. We ventured out for a walk to the park, then on our way back decided to take a short cut across the creek. We found a narrow space, but it was muddy and still had a lot of water running through because of all the rain. It was kind of hard to jump because of the incline and the mud. I ended up dragging my back foot through the creek when I stumbled up the other side. I had a wet foot that was squishing in my shoe, but I was fine.

However, for the whole rest of the walk home, "do you want to cry?"


"It's ok, you can cry. Let it all out."

"Peyton, I'm fine. I don't need to cry."

"Look at me. You can cry. Cry already."

"No, I don't need to cry."

"Are you sure you are alright?"

"Yes. I need to go to bathroom and then throw my shoe in the washing machine, but I don't need to cry. I'm not hurt."

But, here is where I get to the point of my story. Not only was she stuck like glue, it became Super Glue at bedtime. I know I have said it before, but the child takes her half out of the middle of the bed. She tells me to move my elbow before we go to sleep, but she's the one with room to move where I am about to fall out of the bed. And the bed is a good 6 inches taller now, so it's going to hurt more on the way down. And when Miss I-Am-Always-Hot made me get up to turn on the air conditioner, she made me switch sides when she had just picked her side 15 minutes before.

I slept terribly. At one point, just to stake a claim on some space, I was flat out on my back. Which causes me to snore. I only snore on my back. And my snoring caused her nightmares about wolves chasing her. Seriously.

Helping me make cinnamon sugar almonds I have been meaning to make
since before my Christmas party. They were good too.
My parents are planning on the three of us taking the girls to Atlanta in July (don't ask whose idea it
was to go to Hotlanta... I say it is between Dad and Paige). We're talking about getting a suite with a fold out and two beds to have space for 5 of us. Paige has called the foldout. Those are never comfortable anyway, so I don't really want to sleep on one for a week. However, I think we need to rotate. There's no way that I can sleep a week with Peyton who rolls and moves with you.

I woke up grumpy and tired which Peyton promptly pointed out to my parents yesterday. We need to put her on the foldout to herself. Paige talks in her sleep, and hits me when she has fights in her dreams, but it's not as bad as the bulldozer.

She stayed over at Mom and Dad's a couple of hours while I came back over to get ready for friends to come over tonight. Mom said in the car on the way back over to my house, she had to be touched. That is really going to make for a long week if that's how it goes in July. It's too hot for dat!

I love her. I love when she comes over, but she has worn me out, not leaving until 5:30 when friends are due at 6:30. But, that is a whole other story. I must remember to not have nieces over the night before a get together at my house. I spent a lot of time cooking today and getting the house ready and am soooooo tired I just hope I'm not the party pooping host. Wish me luck!