Meow mix

I like to hear the birds in my backyard chirping.

The squirrel chattter gets freaky at times.

Kittens meowing under your patio deck where you can't get to them or see them while you are working rank right up there with dogs that are scared of the dark barking while you are trying to sleep.

On Thursday, I think I went downstairs and out back at least 4 times to see if I could find the kittens I could hear meowing. When I went to the kitchen one time that evening, I saw one of my neighbors in his backyard rummaging through some of his junk. I asked him if he had kittens because I thought maybe they were coming from there and that's what he was looking for.

"I think they are under your deck."


There was a cat in the yard of the neighbor on the other side who may/may not have been the mother cat. I don't see how she would have squeezed, under, but what do I know.

Fed up yesterday, I went and blasted water via the water hose through the slats to see if it would run them out. My dad even found that cruel, thinking it would probably drown them since they probably didn't have their eyes open. I'm saying I think they are older than that and the mama cat just had them go under there when it was raining a few days ago.

Paige thought I needed a cat I could name Skittles if I wouldn't get a house dog and name it Fudge. I told her today that I might have Skittles, Reese's Pieces and M&Ms. They sure are loud little buggers.