My list of 50 children's songs for church

Last night after posting pictures of my cards on Facebook, I had some people ask for my list of children's church songs. 

Here's the 50 that I came up with. Some of the recommendations that I was given, I didn't know, so didn't include. I knew these songs, so they made my cut. 

You may know some of these by another name. A few are not really kids songs, but songs I learned as a kid.

  1. Jesus Loves Me
  2. Jesus Loves the Little Children
  3. Oh, How I Love Jesus
  4. There was a Little Boy Named David
  5. Zaccheaus Was a Wee Little Man
  6. The Wise Man Built His House Upon a Rock
  7. I Want to Be Like Daniel, I Want to Be Like Ruth
  8. Creation Song
  9. Daniel (in the Lion's Den) / (Who did swallow) Jonah
  10. He's Got the Whole World in His Hands
  11. The B-I-B-L-E
  12. In right, Out right, Up right, Down right, Happy all the Time
  13. Books of the New Testament
  14. Books of the Old Testament
  15. The Apostles
  16. I've Been Redeemed
  17. Love is Something If You Give it Away
  18. This Little Light of Mine
  19. It isn't any Trouble
  20. Three Wandering Jews
  21. Rejoice in the Lord Always
  22. Blue Skies and Rainbows
  23. Peter, James and John in a Sailboat
  24. I've Got the Joy (Down in My Heart)
  25. Kum Ba Yah (new or old school)
  26. Lord's Army
  27. Gospel Chariot
  28. Read Your Bible and Pray Everyday
  29. Trust and Obey
  30. I've Got Peace Like a River
  31. Deep and Wide
  32. Arky, Arky
  33. Good 'Ole Noah Built an Ark
  34. Wrapped Up, Tied Up, Tangled Up
  35. Father Abraham
  36. Do Lord
  37. I'm Happy Today
  38. God is So Good
  39. Walkin' Down Heaven's Road
  40. I Have Decided to Follow Jesus
  41. I'm Gonna Sing (I'm Gonna Shout)
  42. Tip toe, Tip toe in God's House
  43. Oh Be Careful Little Eyes
  44. Hippopotamus Song
  45. The Lord is in His Holy Temple
  46. Jesus is a Friend, is a Friend Next to You
  47. The Color Song (Crayon Box)
  48. Heaven is a Wonderful Place
  49. He has Made me Glad
  50. If You're Happy and You Know It
If there are enough comments/requests, I'll hyperlink to sites where you can get the words.


Charity said…
Definitely need the words/music to some of these!
Thanks for putting this list together!
Yes words would be good. Thank you.
Unknown said…
I am impressive.....!!
great post. I just want you thanks for sharing this its gorgeous idea, and this is a great idea that i have been looking for.we did the music and painting activity, i intended to use the rollof butcher paper. get learn for your kids by music Children education and kids music are one of the great opportunity to bring up perfectly your kids. and your they must bound to enjoy it.
Mammasita8 said…
I could use those hyperlinks. Lol.
Unknown said…
I thought I knew about all the children’s songs there were but some of these I don’t recognize! They sound like they have great possibilities though. I would really love to have a link to find the words and then maybe could find a YouTube video to go with it.
Unknown said…
My grandson is learning about Jesus through song and this is the best list I've found. Thank you so much.
Unknown said…
Awesome list, would love the words, thanks