The Holy Spirit and Punctuation

So I started teaching Sunday school at church again. This time, the kindergarten class for the summer. This is going to be a whole different adventure than my last crew. 

What I am most bummed about is that I didn't take any pictures or video to share. I wasn't thinking and obviously off my game. Much like me bringing any snacks. 

"Do we get snacks today?"

"No. I'm a terrible teacher. I didn't think about that. I'm used to teaching 5th grade or babies. I don't give them snacks."

"You're not a terrible teacher because you're funny."


That was at the end of class. The beginning of class set the tone.

This morning's lesson was about the Holy Spirit and the Day of Pentecost. Because there is a tendency to run late, I let the kids work on a coloring sheet until everyone had time to get to class. While they were coloring, I was cutting out flames to make headbands depicting the Holy Spirit as a flame over their heads. 

I did single flames at first. One little boy asks, "are you cutting out commas?"

"No, commas are down low, these go over your heads, so they are apostrophes."

I really don't know that the entire class knew a comma from an apostrophe, so I don't know that anyone got the joke. However, the commas were the running joke all class long.

I was in a mad rush at the end of class to cut out some better flames with three points since the one points looked like punctuation and therefore no one wanted them after all the comma jokes. It was a race to the finish, and the glue sticks were old and sticky.

On Wednesday nights, they'll have a review of today, and I can just hear the kids say that they talked about commas on Sunday morning.

I ended up with the kindergarten class because at first Peyton's was not free. She had been wanting me to teach her until she found out that Rachel was going to teach her class. She told me this morning that Rachel was a really good teacher. My feelings were somewhat deflated. I told her, "that's ok, I have Cade's class." Cade is her cousin. Peyton got jealous the last time I subbed in her cousin Frankie's class. 

Oh, but I'll have Peyton and Frankie both for VBS. I guess I should start looking at that stuff too. Lots of good kids' stories to tell this summer! It shall be fun!


Artisoo said…
funny story! I like your post!