What good is having your own blog if you can't rant from time to time?

What do you get so absolutely tired about reading on your Facebook feed? Is there someone who always posts/shares things that drive you crazy? Are there people you would hide except you do want to see a few of their posts to keep up with them? Do you wish you could hide some people, but just don't have the time to because it's too hard to do on your phone or just don't have time.

Now granted, I agree that everyone has their right to post whatever they want on Facebook, so I'm blogging my free speech on my blog tonight. After all, why have a blog if you can't rant on it from time to time?

You probably hate all of my stupid updates, and you can share your hatred for my posts here. Including my pointless pictures of the day that I do just because I told myself I was going to take a daily picture this year. Stupid Facebook challenge.

As I have said before, although I believe in freedom of speech, Facebook would be a much happier place without all of the political conversation, including, but not limited to gun control, abortion and homosexuality.

My rant goes on from here, and I had it up for 15 minutes before deciding I was going to offend someone and make them mad and took them down. Especially, if they recognized themselves in the post. Evidently, I care more about being politically correct than anyone else on Facebook. If you want the full rant, I can email it to you. 

Maybe we should all be a little more considerate of people. Just a thought. 


Thomas said…
What's the full rant?
Audra Jennings said…
I'm actually not going to be able to tell you after all Thomas. ;)