You know it's officially summer in Texas

You know summer has hit Texas when your electric bill jumps by $100 in one month. It's been plenty hot, but they are just now predicting 100 degrees this week.

My office at the front of my duplex was hot last year. I had to buy heat shields, I mean thermal curtains, and not turn on the air until late in the day to manage. I have to have it cold to sleep, so I'd down it at night and the cool would stick around for a while into the day. It's sort of like what they say about boiling frogs by starting them in cold water and gradually increasing the heat.

This year in the house, I have a brand new energy efficient air conditioner just for the office, however, because it is an upstairs room and heat rises, the A/C runs all day long. I don't think it's insulated too well. I may have to move down stairs for the next couple of months. I really, really don't want to do that though.

A couple of weeks ago, I called TXU for free nights. My theory is if I can let it run both A/Cs at a low temperature all night to cool down, I can keep the thermostat warmer during the day. I'm really not sure if this was wise since it does up my daily rate a little bit. I won't know until this time next month since  it just started last Friday when the meter was read.

I'm also going to have to pin up my thermal curtains so that they cover the whole wide window without covering the air exchange upstairs. They were too expensive to cut off and the backing is odd to try to sew through.

Wish me luck! And I will take donations.