Monsters University

Yesterday, for Paige's birthday, we went to the movie that she has been waiting for since before Pixar even knew they were going to make it. ;)

Monsters University

As Paige calls it, "the prequel to my favorite movie ever!" I'm to blame. I've blogged about that before

Ever wonder how Mike and Sully became best friends? How does one train to become a master scarer? Well, that's what the story was about.

I really enjoyed it, but like Paige said, you can't really compare it to the first one because it's just different. It's true. 

I loved little Mike so very much. Sully was kind of a jerk though. You need to go see. You just need to go see it.

However, I will say that some of the previews/teases I saw beforehand weren't actually in the movie.