Are deviled Easter eggs somewhat sacrilegious?

After breaking for a couple of weeks on painting letters, I finished off a couple more. Still for sell if you are interested! $20 with "Welcome" or your house number.

(Like my shoes?)

Tomorrow, instead of doing our Sunday lunch out at a restaurant, I'm cooking for our crew. I have been bragging about my pork ribs, and I have those all ready to go in the oven at my parents' house in the morning.

I decided to try another Pinterest project (I saw the letters on there), and make dyed deviled eggs to go with the ribs. I didn't want to use vinegar as many recipes suggested because A) I didn't have any and B) I didn't want them to taste or smell like vinegar. Not every pin had vinegar, but it may help them hold color. I didn't think these came out bad. I'm pretty impressed with myself.

The camera on my phone doesn't do great with colors. The purple ones aren't quite so gruesome looking.


Thomas said…
Happy Easter!!
Audra Jennings said…
Happy Easter to you too Thomas! I had to practically run out of church this morning, so didn't talk to everyone.