Randomness of the week

Well, as the week went on, I had to let two car salesman down easy. I'm sorry, but I went another route. For all my big talk, I'm not one for confrontation.

The guy who asked about my "boo," got the news via the phone. I figured I better answer or face continual harassment. I think he may have been in shock that I didn't buy a Jeep from him.

The saleswoman from the Hyundai dealership emailed about finding the blue car for me (which I had decided I didn't like the blue anyway - it was nothing like the color she told me it was). I told her that she was great, but her sales manager was an intimidating bully who did nothing to help her cause.

In other news, we had a family reunion today, but I left my camera and phone in the car, letting my mom and others take all the pictures, if you can believe that. No pictures to post.

No family drama. That's always a good thing. Otherwise, pretty uneventful.