Thou shalt not slaughter

We always go off topic on Sunday mornings. And I mean way off track. Way. Off. Track. This week, one of the boys (Nate) brought up a cow having broken its back and being slaughtered (hamburger). That drifted over to conversation about the recent youth expo and how Grant was not happy about having to give up his pig. Let's just say Nate and I did not help matters (ham, bacon...). I am a terrible person, this I know. Grant got beyond upset, and for that reason alone, I was thankful Peyton wasn't there or she may have too. Or may have made it worse.

I missed her terribly because she's my loudest girl singer seeing as you have to strain to ever hear Macie. You hear me on "Living by Faith" which we did this week because we talked more about faith and we practiced it last week.

Since I upset him, I let Grant sing his song of choice. Complete with his old man country twang accent. I really don't know what was up with that.