Submitting myself to torture

Since the trip to a dealership last weekend, I've been annoyed by salesman. The guy that asked about my "boo" has been emailing and calling. He's gone so far as to say he can bring the car and paperwork to my house.

I've actually emailed two dealerships after my stop on Saturday to see if I was getting as ripped off on trade-in numbers as I thought I was. Without even seeing it, I've confirmed that I have been.

I made the mistake of reaching out to the dealership that has the color that I am interested in, so they have been relentless about when I can come up. They have been emailing me at least once a day, if not more if I don't answer right back on email. In fact, I have two or three emailing me plus phone calls.

I've bought four cars in my life, and I've never had this experience in the past. For one thing, the last two times, my car salesman was a family friend and I didn't have to deal with this. Every time before now, I knew what I wanted and was ready to commit. I wasn't looking just because I could. That's what happens when you total your car in a wreck or have a car that won't hold oil.

Now, I am kicking myself for even starting any of this. However, I don't know how I am supposed to get a deal these days - and you have to go for that - if I don't shop around. Mainly, if I don't find out if I am getting ripped off.

So, with that said, wish me well as I set out to stop by two places tomorrow while I'm up around Arlington to see Peyton's tournament. In addition to Jeep shopping, I'm going to go by the Hyundai dealership my dad and I went by after Opening Day to get some numbers.

I'm already dreading it.