My house is being overtaken by birds

The decor at my house tends to go through phases. At one time everything was palm trees -- I still have plenty of that. 
Then, purple seemed to take over. (I can make purple and palm trees work together.) But I did not paint a room purple when I moved.

The latest thing is birds. I have birds in my master bedroom. My bathroom started getting a bird motif after I got the old wallpaper down.

Since my birthday last fall, I started collecting owls for my dining/kitchen area.

And now I found bird material to make my cushions for my purple church bench. I found it last Saturday when I was at Hobby Lobby. I couldn't resist getting it because the colors were what I wanted, even if I didn't know who was going to help me make the cushions at the time. My dad doubts my sewing skills, and while I know exactly how I want to make them, I even have my doubts of sewing this particular tapestry material.

You know me, always with yet another project to do.

After talking to a few people who either thought I could pull it off or didn't want any part of it, the wife of one of the elders at church said that the two of us could take it on together. I'm excited! They are going to look great, but I don't know if I can get the peacock in the center of the cushion. I really like the peacock. I like his toucan, parrot and other friends too. I just wish my camera on my phone held to true colors. But, see how close he matches the vase I already had?

The leaf material is for curtains on the window at the bottom of the stairs.