In need of variety

There hasn't been a lot of variety in what I've had going on as of late, and even less variety to blog about. Even Instagram has been shots of the same old.

However, here are a couple of recommendations and topics of discussion around the Litfuse Publicity Group "water cooler" aka our Facebook chat with one another.


If you live in a region of the country that does not have Blue Bell ice cream, I am so very sorry. with a tagline, "the best ice cream in the country," it is the best store bought ice cream. 

Many of my friends and co-workers know I have a special affinity for anything salted caramel. The thought of this made me quite happy.

My review: Good, but it let me down. The problem is, I had the best salted caramel ice cream ever at a place in Seattle, and it didn't live up. The best salted caramel anything needs to have a salty bite to it, and it just didn't have it. 

Today's conversation among the co-workers was M&Ms. Some of the new varieties probably shouldn't exist. The originals are probably best -- plain and peanut. I like peanut butter and pretzel too. 

I really like coconut and mint too. Candy corn is awful, and I held myself to one and only one red velvet when my mom got a package of those a few weeks ago. 

There were conflicting opinions on the latest flavor I recommended... CARROT CAKE!

They are white chocolate and taste like cream cheese frosting. They are a lot better than they sound. My mom heard about and found these for me. 

Have you tried anything good lately?