What will it take?

I don't know why anyone would want a job in sales. I have done retail sales. That's doable.

Ad sales... wasn't a fan of the class in college and get worn out with the contacts that ask me about ads for our clients. I'm just thankful that we don't buy ads. It's helpful to get people to move on by saying, "we don't ever buy ads -- that's the publishers' call."

Some might say that being a publicist is a sales job because you sell the author to the media outlet for an interview. That's true in a sense. I hate trying to "sell" to an outlet I don't think that's a fit because someone really wants to be on a show. (It used to be Oprah.) Thankfully my job isn't dependent on a commission though. I can also be rejected by email, phone or just being ignored without an email or call back.

What I could not handle is regular face-to-face rejection. Being a car salesman must be a beating.

Since I have had my car for almost 10 years, I'm thinking about buying a new one. I've had a couple of minor things to fix lately, and my thought process is that I might want to trade-in before something bigger happens and while I might still have in some trade-in value. Granted, my problems are loose wires, thankfully. While I love not having a car payment, I know I won't drive the same car forever and might as well think about it.

Because Dad has to take Mom's car to the Hyundai dealership around Dallas for warranty repairs, he talked me into stopping by on the way back from the Ranger game on Monday. They've been trying to sell him on a new Santa Fe, and thus he turns it around on me.

I almost laughed at their "what will it take you to walk away with a new car TODAY?" I was at the point of "you'd have to give it to me." The word today came up a few times, but I assured them that I wasn't that serious as of yet.

Being partial to my Jeep, I went to the local lot, but the only thing they had was the souped up version way beyond my means.

My curiosity grew through the week, so since I was meeting some friends up the road tonight, I made arrangements to get my car looked at for a trade-in estimate and take a look at the Jeep I was most interested in.

Big mistake on multiple levels.

A) When you drive it you want it.

B) My car is worth more than that, I can assure you.

The first salesman I talked to (one I had emailed because I got sucked into having to give my contact info on an estimator) was trying to playing the charming, almost flirting card. He asked if I was married or had a "boo." My friends got a laugh out of that because they didn't know anyone ever used that term. I don't care how nice his eyes were, he got no where.

He had to hand me off to a newbie and told me to take it easy on him. No matter how many times he asked, "what will it take for you to go home with a new car TODAY?" I was not in. He even went and re-crunched number to get closer to what I said I wanted. I don't know where these numbers were coming from. They were ridiculous. I told him he should have come up with better numbers to start with.

After finally realizing it wasn't going to happen, he drug over his sales manager. Sigh. Oh, puh-leeze. At least 15 more questions followed with the word TODAY somewhere in there. My firm stance eventually even wore him down.

Had you been there to witness it, you would have found it comical. "Would you say yes for $1 a month?" "No, because that would take me something like 1000 years to pay off."  I kid you not. What kind of stupid question is that anyway? I honestly can't think of anything that would have me saying yes TODAY.

LOOK: 1) I told you to begin with I was just starting to look. 2) This is the first time I've seen a model that I was considering. 3) The color I think I want isn't even on this lot. I haven't seen the car in question because it's on a lot further up the road. I don't know if I want it without looking at it. 4) You aren't getting my car for that.

"I'd have to go crazy to give you what you're wanting for yours. I mean, I'd have to go crazy... and it would be a TODAY only deal."

Now, I know everyone has to make a living somehow. If I walk today, you may never see me again. But, seriously, get as serious as I am about reality.

Seeing as I don't get out of the house most days, I can keep what I have. I don't NEED more than what I have. That's where I have the advantage. Now it's just keeping the WANT in check.

Monday update: In emailing two other places, I know I can get more for my car, and they haven't seen it yet. I also fixed the A/C hose issue and my cruise wire for $120 total so I'm back to everything working as it should anyway. I never should have even looked at anything new.