Do me one quick, little favor

This week at work, in our Facebook group message gather we call the "Water Cooler," we have had some interesting conversations. A couple of us educated the others on the lyrics of "Up in Here" by DMX. This was mainly driven by the fact the two of us who were educating the others wanted a cross stitch of the lyrics such as these seen here on Etsy (click the lyrics).

Yeah, we got really side tracked. One of our more productive conversations (sort of - at least it was work related and based on a client question) was about comments on blog posts.

I don't know if you guys are reading anything here, but you don't comment. I can tell someone, or someone's bots are visiting by the page visit counter on the blog and the stats from Blogger.

Over 150 specific page views in one day of The Bachelorette finally, but not one comment.

I don't believe that a lack of comments necessarily means a lack of readership. I have people tell me they read my posts and can tell me what I said. Therefore, at least a few people are reading.

In my case, I often read, but don't comment either. That's because I don't necessarily plan to come back and visit that particular post to interact. Sometimes I read comments. Sometimes I don't.

So, just for the sake of a little experiment, could you do me a favor? If you read this post, just leave a comment of some kind. Maybe share why you don't comment on posts or what makes you comment when you do.

If you have a blog, do you get a lot of comments? Does a lack of comments mean anything to you?