May the new TV season come swiftly

Tonight I have been contemplating how I really hope time flies, and we get to start the Fall TV season soon. Usually I can cope from TV series withdrawals by watching the Texas Rangers for the summer, they have been so absolutely horrible this season, I just can't do it.

On a Thursday night in the summer -- which is normally my favorite TV night -- the pickings are slim. As I scroll through the channel guide, my choices include TLC's Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and VH1's Dating Naked. I may watch a bunch of dumb reality crap, but I do draw the line somewhere. I do have my standards, and obviously my morals. Even if I do end up watching the train wreck that Bachelor in Paradise will be. I don't plan to blog my way through it, but that could change.

I "tried" to watch NBC's debut of Welcome to Sweden. I give that show less than a month before it is cancelled. I found it that annoying.

With all this horrid swill on TV, maybe that contributes to the fact this is the BEST thing I've watched all week.