Is Andi's final pick the dramatic decision ABC teases it to be?

I saw a post from The Bachelorette on Facebook billing tonight's finale as the "MOST. DRAMATIC. FINALE. EVER!"

The skeptic in me highly doubts it.

As a public relations professional who graduated with a minor in advertising, I understand the need to put a dramatic spin on things, but for Pete's sake. You can only say that about every episode and/or finale and still expect some gullible soul to believe it.

So here I sit, poised to start blogging live, with my laptop already warming my left thigh as I sit here, ready to torture myself for three hours. Like Grumpy Cat, if I weren't complaining, I don't know what I would do.

If I actually got the TV network that aired Married at First Sight because I caught two of three episodes last week (I can't get the first one because of my cable provider), and I must say, I am sucked into it. However, watching it online again and blogging isn't as easy as sitting here with the TV on (or I'm just making it difficult), so that will have to wait.

Chris Harrison just came on talking about the unexpected ending. I have to pay attention now.

Here's a tease of tonight's "meet the parents" encounters.

Andi introduces the guys to her parents while in the Dominican Republic. She claims that this is the first week where she doesn't know what might happen. I'm pretty sure I've heard that before too.

First up is Nervous Nick. I think her dad is about ready to eat him alive. Andi's mom says that it's ok to be nervous as they all get nervous around Andi sometimes. Nice thing to say about your daughter!

Momma Patti notices that he's not very demonstrative around Andi, but chalks it up to nerves. When asked about his first impression rose, much like me, he doesn't know why he got the first impression rose. When he talks one-on-one with Andi's mom, she starts off by saying that Andi is new in her career and worked her way through law school. What does he think about her career?

Nick tells Patti that he loves her daughter so much in ways he never imagined before. This makes Mom tear up. 

Meanwhile, Andi tells her sister, Rachel, that she thinks Nick can see her. Like really see her. See what she's thinking, and is so passionate. And blah, blah about his kissing.

Nick then sits down with Andi's dad to ask permission to marry her. Dad asks what it is about Andi that he loves, and where he sees the future. Nick mumbles on without making a lot sense. There's a long pause though after Nick asks if he would have his permission. Finally, he gets an, "if that's what you both decide to do."


Next up is Josh. Andi talks to her parents about him being an athlete, his background, how at first she didn't want to give him much attention. Her dad is unimpressed. 

Dad tells the camera he's ready to to compare him to Nick. Dad's first impression is that the guy doesn't have a prayer because as cool as he is trying to be that he as nervous as can be.

Mom's first impression is that he is loud and talks a lot about being nervous and the room being hot. 

The sister thinks that on paper he is kind of guy she always goes for. She's skeptical which actually isn't really fair to Josh. Sister and brother-in-law decide to grill him. He asserts that he is in love, ready to get married, and ready to marry Andi.

It's Dad's turn to give him a hard time too. A harder time than Nick got. Plus, Dad has a harsher expression on his face when Josh asks permission to propose. Hy (what kind of name is that anyway?) does say that the short time line of the show doesn't bother him, and Josh has his blessing, all he has to worry about is Andi's. Ultimately, Dad can also see Josh being a son-in-law (just like he said about Nick).

At the end of the day, they all seem a little more comfortable at the end of the day with Josh, or so it seems.


Andi's first last date is with Josh. Will she continue to question their whole relationship? Maybe it isn't that she's been dating the wrong kind of guys in the past (jocks). Maybe she just didn't date THE right GUY.

Out on a yacht they go! Josh is ready to propose TODAY. Meanwhile, Andi is still in her own head, not about anything Josh has or hasn't done, but about second guessing herself through the whole process. 

That woman can go from all smiles to the most serious, somber expression in two seconds flat. 

Since he lives in Atlanta that makes things easier on one side. Does the fact that news has gotten out that she quit her job means she didn't pick Josh and stay in Atlanta?

Andi always has fun with Josh, and we hear her say yet again that he is exactly her type. 

Where is the drama? I'm ready for the drama? Will a shark get them as they float around the ocean after jumping off the boat? Guess not.

That night is his last chance to spend time with her before proposing, or at least he hopes to propose. Andi keeps asking, "is this too good to be true?" She keeps saying, "this is crazy." She has so many trademark phrases.

Josh tells Andi that he has no questions. He is ready. "How do you know?" she asks. Now, more than ever, I ask what these guys see in her? 

Josh gives her a note with a very special baseball card with stats that he made of her. They get a kick out of it, together. She tries out his last name... Andi Murray.

Chris Harrison told during the introduction that the man Andi didn't choose was heartbroken and tried to confront her in Mexico while she was on vacation. Andi told him, "no." He tried again on "The Men Tell All." Again, she said, "no." I don't see Nick as being that aggressive. I think she turns Josh down. Josh would fight for her. Well, I take that back. Nick does have some stalker qualities, I think. I don't really know because I don't get him AT ALL!


Andi spent two days in a row with Josh - the day with her family and their final date. Now, Nick gets his time. She wants to end the day knowing what her decision is. Will she?

Their date consists of going off-roading. He just enjoys being around her. He never says anything profound. I couldn't stand trying to have a conversation with him. He mumbles. He doesn't say anything that makes sense.

They take a picnic to a private lagoon. I then tune out because I can't stand listening to him. I don't know what it is that makes her feel sexy. I just don't understand anything about him.

She goes over to Nick's for their last evening together before the possible engagement. He wants to be sure before he proposes to anyone again. He's not going to propose if there is any doubt in his mind that he's the one. Nick doesn't know if Josh is still in the picture and how serious things are. 

It's not long before Andi can tell that Nick's mind is hard at work. She gives him permission to ramble. At least he admits he is rambly. She puts on her serious face as he tells her about the last time he proposed to some one he got the feeling something was off. That would kill a guy to be rejected twice during proposals.

Before long, Nick is sure that Andi is giving him all the signs. I'm no expert on signs, but I didn't pick up on any. 

They start talking about what a day in the life is like in Chicago. Nick can see a life with her, but he's not as impassioned as Josh. He does have a present for her though. He gives her a necklace that has a vile of sand from the same beach where he first told Andi that he loved her. It reminds me of Angelina's vile of Billy Bob Thornton's blood or vice versa, whichever it was.

As the evening ends, Nick seems more confidant.


It's the next morning, and when Andi wakes up, in the back of her mind she knows this is the day she could get engaged. Excuse me, but I don't think it's in the back of her mind. We hear her voice over as she walks around in her short red nightgown with the slit up the front of her leg. Why? Why is she dressed or not dressed like that?

Both of the guys are contemplating life shirtless on their respective balconies.

Andi describes Nick with the word passion. I missed if she said anything about Josh. Maybe she didn't. Whatever the case, Andi knows she needs to cut one of the guys loose.

For Nick, he knows what's in his gut and his heart. He's going to propose to Andi. It's going to be a day he never forgets. Will it be a good one or a bad one?

Josh asserts this is the biggest day of his life - above getting drafted into professional baseball. He was up all night thinking about what he is going to say. A knock at the door, and the jeweler arrives so that he can pick out a ring. Josh can pick out a ring for me. I like his pick. 

When there is a knock at Nick's door, he is surprised to see Andi on the other side. They cut to Chris Harrison and the live show where everyone gasps in shock. They were just probably directed to make noise.

Chris Harrison asks some of the audience what they think. Last season's final reject Claire wishes that someone had come to her door before the final rose seeing as she sent to the final rose area with Juan Pablo to get turned down. Farmer Chris expects that Nick will be caught off guard like he was when he was sent home. He doesn't think this is going to turn out well for Nick. Drew, the reject from Des' season? I think it was Des' season, but I lose track. Anyway, Drew adds his two cents. 

Michelle Money wants her two seconds of fame and demands to know who the new bachelor will be. From his expression and the fact that he is turning so red to chants of "Chris, Chris, Chris," it would lead everyone to believe that it is Farmer Chris. Chris Harrison says it will be announced at a later date. I think it's Farmer Chris with his Cheshire Cat grin.

After like 10 minutes (or more because of the live coverage and TONS of commercials), we're back to Andi and Nick.

Andi thought a lot about Nick telling his story about something not being right the morning of the last time he proposed. This time, Andi didn't feel right that morning. It's not what Andi envisioned. It's clear to Andi that the way she sees them is not what's best for them. Thankfully, Nick is speechless. You have to feel bad for him, but I really can't listen to him mumble. When Nick asks how long Andi's felt this way, she tells him she's felt the intensity of over analyzing everything for a while. She feels that her life with him would be her over analyzing all the time. 

Odd. I would have thought that with Josh. It's got to be hard on the guys for her to act like she's all into them when she can't really tell her feelings while they have to tell theirs. She can't answer though if it's about them (Nick and Andi) or if it is about something else. 

Nick woke up excited and confident, but now he tells her that she took things too far to say this now. Rightfully, he tells her there's things she shouldn't have said or done. 

Nick had been saving all of his roses in his suitcase. He digs them out and throws them away before he packs up the rest of his things to leave. As much as I don't like him, you can't help but feel for him in his state of rejection and confusion. 

Since that day, Chris Harrison reveals, Nick has been trying to sit down and talk to Andi. Tonight during "After the Final Rose," Andi can avoid him no longer.


The time has come. Andi is dolled up and waiting for a ring. Will Josh propose? He gets out of the car dressed in his suit. He wants this future so bad, I think he would go insane if she had sent him home instead of Nick. 

Andi is more nervous than Josh. When Josh gave up his first love, baseball, he did so to search out and find a love greater than that of the game. He's so much more articulate than Nick could EVER be. After expressing his love for her, it's Andi's turn. She rambles about like Nick. Josh starts getting nervous. I thought he was going to start crying, thinking he was about to get rejected.

Finally, she spits out that she's loved him since early on and wants to spend her life with him. That's when he gets down on one knee and proposes. She's overtaken with the bling of the ring. After some kissing, she magnetically attaches the final rose to his lapel. Then, she looks at the ring again. 


Before we can celebrate with the happy couple, we have to check in on Nick and watch the rest of his heartbroken journey. He's not over her. His mom talks about how difficult it was to watch the show. It's hard for Nick to let it go, so has been trying to talk to her before the final show. He doesn't think that Josh is the one for Andi. 

Nick is tired of having conversations with Andi in her head. He needs her to know he still loves her. We see clips of Nick talking to Chris, before last week's "Men Tell All" show. She was not ready to talk to Nick, but he gives Chris a letter to give to her. 

For a while, Andi stares at it on the table (after Chris told her he thought she should read it). 

Back from commercial again... (I swear there are more commercials than usual. I could have watched 3 hours in 90 minutes easy if I had just used the DVR.) Nick comes out first, emotional from having just watched everything back. As inarticulate as ever, he is still in the depths of heartache. 

Given their last conversation, I don't see what more she really has to say to him. I think she answered his questions. Nick does have kind things to say about Josh. A very emotional Nick still feels he needs to know "why?"

Finally, Nick gets his chance to talk to Andi. When he finally gets his chance, he doesn't really know how to start. All the poor guy wanted to do was tell her how he felt about her and their relationship. She did read the letter. He doesn't necessarily want to ask her anything. It's almost dead air, he has so many pauses. She says nothing. Just nods her head. 

Finally she says that she knew how hard it was for him because he was a skeptic setting out. He felt like she felt something for him that she didn't. Basically, he felt led on. She said they had a great relationship, but she didn't love him. She had a greatER relationship. 

FINALLY, he calls her out. They did what you wonder if people do in the fantasy suite, and he wants to know why if she wasn't in love with him. (It may not have been in the fantasy suit. It possibly happened in the water the day he told her he loved her on the beach since the water came up the day she broke it off... A little too Claire and Juan Pablo if you ask me.) It meant more to him than it did to her. She was calm until then because she thought it was a low blow to tell the world they had done what they did.

I wonder if this is news to Josh. It will be another 15 minutes before we find out between commercials and more previews of Bachelor in Paradise. I feel as if my life has passed me by tonight. Also, I really don't know if I can handle the trashiness and ridiculous of it. We'll see next Monday night.

With less than 10 minutes left on the night, Josh gets to come out with Andi. Turns out those two had only lived 5 minutes apart. 

They are ready to finally go on a dinner date in public. They've been sneaking over to see each other for two months with wigs, hats and sunglasses. I can't tell if he is more happy than her or if they are just crazy giddy. 

They are going to enjoy being publicly engaged. He's ready to get married sooner than she is. 

Before the show closes, we see clips of Andi frowning, and there is an appearance by Grumpy Cat. I must message Christine on Facebook.