Putting Paige to work

This is the other reason I was ready for a three day weekend. Between work and going to softball games, I had been trying to cram getting ready for VBS into my schedule. I usually plan better, but this year became a last minute thing.

I had told Paige we would try to go to a movie since she was planning on coming over tonight, but we aren't sure what was showing. The movie theater sold from one company to another, and they haven't gotten their act together with the Flixster app or other search functions.

Then, as a back-up, she wanted to play canasta. Scratch that too! After installing my new freezer (so I can buy more than one frozen pizza at a time), going shopping for Peyton's birthday, looking for silver or gold poster board, buying a few groceries, and cooking dinner, I needed to finish a few more things for VBS.

So, I put Paige to work. Here she's making a relay baton from a paper towel roll and crepe paper. Love it!