The Bachelorette hometown visits

I'm starting this blog on Monday night at 11:00 PM after a typical Monday where things went awry. The electricity went out at one point thanks to a tree limb around the block. My office got up to 87 degrees, and I desparately needed Wi-Fi, so I got to a point of packing up my computer to find air conditioning and an internet connection.

I was just about to walk out the door when the electricity came back on. My laptop decided to give me fits for 45 minutes, wasting an hour of my life before I needed to head out to Vacation Bible School.

When I got home shortly after 8:00 when it was over, I had to print pictures of the kids to use in a craft tomorrow, eat dinner, go over my lesson for tomorrow, post three blogs for the past three days when I didn't post, and then, get ready to watch The Bachelorette. 

I am so very sleepy, just took two Advil because instead of the back ache I had all weekend, my neck and shoulder hurt, and I know, I'll be dozing off shortly. I still need to take a shower and wash my hair. It would also be best to wake up early in the morning because I have a dentist appointment before starting the work day. As to not forget, I had to tape a note on my bathroom mirror for in the morning.

So, with all of that said, I'm starting now, but betting that this post doesn't actually go live until sometime Tuesday night. Update... it's Wednesday night when I hit "publish." Long story...

This week's episode features the highly anticipated hometown visits. Whose family has the most crazy members? We'll find out soon enough.

First up... Nick in Milwaukee. She meets him at a public market. The way he loves Andi is different than how he has loved before, but he just hasn't told her yet.

They visit a beer brewery. I had to do that on vacation once. So very bizarre for my family, but... One of the beers was named the "Nick and Andi" just for their visit. Every hometown also deserves it's own concert, especially if it is a polka band. Not. Beer and polka. I think I will pass.

Awaiting Nick at the family home is a very large family. Nick has 10 siblings, and many were there with their spouses or significant others. I think all except one was there. That's got to be intimidating - just the numbers alone. Nick brags about getting the first impression rose, then says it was because she felt sorry for him. They laugh. May have been true since I found him awkward at first.

He talks to one sister who apparently knows him best (Maria). Evidently, her no-nonsense-ness comes from trying to protect him from heartache after his last relationship. Evidently, he had a fiance who came to her senses.

Nick's youngest sister (Bella) who has to be about 10 has a list of questions for Andi. She has some really good questions, but Andi should have come up with a better answer than having to explain a "mental connection."

He's so awkward and seems to slur his words. Mom asks Nick if he has told her that she loves her, then starts crying. Mom wants to prepare him for getting sent home. Oh she of little faith? To the camera, he talks about how his mom sees a connection. I didn't hear her say that, but...

I still think he has creepy stalker eyes. Nick sends Andi off with a kiss, but does not tell her his feelings.

Next... Chris in the middle of corn fields of Iowa. Have I ever mentioned to you that I believe the whole state of Iowa basically smells like pig poop? I've seen lots of Iowa, and it has some nice towns, but my first though always goes to the stinkiness.

Andi feels open to visiting though she doesn't know that she would want to live here. She thinks he looks hot in his farmer plaid. They have an affectionate welcome before he leads her into his house. He actually has a nicely kept house. Not as bachelor pad as you might expect.

As she goes out into the fields, she is completely impressed with the big tractor. Chris could actually truthfully sing Kenny Chesney's "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy." It would have been an appropriate soundtrack to the date. "The epitome of a man!" Andi says.

If a guy took me on a tractor for a date, I'd run. She asks to sit on his lap to drive. Really? City girl.

Andi admits the question of whether or not she could move to Iowa has crossed her mind. Chris tells her that it's been a bit of an issue his whole life, but he feels he needs to be here. He tells her if she isn't happy with the lifestyle she is living, it doesn't so much matter who she is with. Kind of backwards to what is usually said, but I think I agree. When Andi asks, "what would I do here?", Chris' answer is, "there's an opportunity be a homemaker." Not many people say it that way anymore. Stay at home mom, yes. Homemaker makes me think you need a sewing machine. Not that there's anything wrong with that. He laughs a little after saying that though. There is a bigger city close enough for her to practice law. She tries to convince him that she's not completely a city girl -- they have a lake house in the middle of nowhere Alabama. Probably a rich girl though.

Chris arranges for a plane to fly by with a banner saying, "Chris loves Andi!" Points for originality Chris! She thinks it's the cutest and the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for her.

After a day in the cornfields, Chris takes Andi to meet the folks. In addition to his parents, we are also introduced to three sisters and their husbands. Andi realizes that if she were to end up in Iowa, she'd see a whole lot more of his family than some of the other guys, since it's a smaller town with less going on.

One sister tells an embarrassing story about when Chris was little, he only wore underwear on school days. That's an odd story to share.

Chris sits down to talk to his mom, who frequently watches the show. His mom tells him it doesn't really take that long to fall in love, so she doesn't seem skeptical about the process. They talk about Andi moving to Iowa, and his mom says, "she can do anything!" Living on a farm should not hold her back.

When Chris' mom talks to Andi, they talk about where she is in life, how beautiful their babies would be, and how she would babysit.

I really don't think all these families she visits sit around and drink wine all the time. There must be some kind of sponsorship going on. All the families always have wine in their hands.

To end the night, the whole family plays "Ghost in the Graveyard." Or as other people call it, "Hide and Seek in the Dark."

Iowa was evidently a bigger adventure than she had ever expected... And they didn't even go to the National Farm Toy Museum which was about an hour away.

Then there is Josh in Tampa. They spend their day playing baseball. In other words, the typical hometown date for anyone who has ever played baseball. (Des and Chris did this. Deja vu.)

Now, I've always had a thing for baseball players, but this guy may be too much. He hasn't done much baseball the past few years when he gave it up, deciding that other parts of his life were more important. He lost passion and wanted to be around for his younger (by 6 years) brother, Aaron. Aaron played college football for Georgia and all the focus has been on getting drafted into the NFL.

When Josh sees all his family again, he breaks down in tears. Then, his dog, Sable, comes in and almost likes his face off. At dinner, it's time to chug some wine. The two brothers start talking football. Andi seems a little out of the conversation. It's evidently a big deal after being around for everything that Josh hasn't been around for some of the camps.

Andi rightfully wants to make sure that the family is excited for Josh too. Oh, and that they would understand they would have their own family.

Josh's mom doesn't really see Josh cutting the cord with the family if Aaron is drafted. The whole family would be expected to be at all of Aaron's games. Dad talks about the whole family doing this together. I think I'd run for my life as to not be smothered. The sister warns that the Josh and Andi would likely argue about how things will shake out sometimes of family vs. family.

Josh tells his mom he is in love. He cries when mama tells him he has put himself last too long and that she wants this to work out for him.

Last, but not least, it's Marcus in Dallas.  While all of the guys are affectionate, Marcus is the one who is most open about loving Andi. You can just tell that bodes badly for him. At least it usually does. The fact that I like him best certainly does. My choice is never the Bachelorette's choice.

Their date start with driving around Dallas showing her a day in his life. That must mean he gets lost driving around Dallas, and that's not fun. (Evidently, he drives a BMW and grew up around Highland Park Village. His childhood may not have been great, but it could have been worse.) He reenacts their first date which was the stripper date. Did she not see where that was going when they pulled up a the seedy club?

She goes on to the camera confessional about how hot he was. She talks about lots of the guys being hot. I think hot is her favorite word.

From there, they go to some outdoor cafe to talk about who he will meet. He's only brought one girl home ever, three years ago. Andi will meet mom, sister, brother, niece and nephew.

Andi and Marcus' sister talk about how quickly he stated his feelings and how he is a caretaker. Andi does share she's a little scared about catching up to having the same feelings that Marcus does. Marcus tells his brother he's in love, but hopes she is feeling the same thing. He gets emotional with his brother about what a big part his brother has played in his life.

Mom talks about how open (or not) Marcus tends to be with certain people. Mom was surprised how much Marcus shared with Andi. Mom asks Marcus what it is about Andi that has kept him committed to the process. He feels their time together has been honest. Given she can't really show her hand about who her front-runners are to the guys, that can't be totally true.

Marcus is ready to propose. He thinks they are soul mates. Ohhhh... Marcus.

After all of the hometown visits, the four guys are called together at Chris Harrison's home. (We are given the date of April 23 on screen.) Chris tells them they have to wait for Andi so that he will be able to talk to them all together. Everyone is quiet and thinks it is weird to be summoned to Chris' house.

Chris Harrison reveals to all of them what happened to Eric Hill during his paragliding accident and his death. Marcus seems to take it the hardest of the guys, and of course, Andi recalls their heated last conversation where she sent him home. As Andi points out, the people on this show are real. These people have lives, so it gives perspective.

The night of the rose ceremony, Andi, of course, is still emotional about what happened to Eric. What would have been a tense moment of sending someone home after hometowns, it's an even more somber occasion.

Andi starts to get ready to give the first rose after a speech about losing one of their own and recovering as a group from that. She also talks about the great experiences of visiting their families. However, she has to step away to gather herself again.

It's finally time... 3 of 4 will get roses...

  1. Josh
  2. Chris
  3. Nick
I figured this would happen. The nice, cute guy (from Dallas) goes home. I was a Sean Lowe fan at this point when he got sent home about this time (he made final 3). 

(I also noticed in this episode how fast Andi used the magnets on the roses to put them on the men's jackets. Like crazy fast.)

Of course, by this point, Marcus is trying not to bawl his eyes out. Of course, Andi says he did nothing wrong. Of course, he's a great guy. Of course, he calls himself an idiot in the limo on the ride to wherever the limo goes until he can get a flight home. 

She just knows that she's not in the same place he is yet. She just can't put Marcus through that. He tells himself he never should have told her that he loves her. They must not be soul mates after all. 

Next week... the fantasy suite dates leave Andi unsure. Will the guys turn out to be jerks like you-know-who?